A History of Modern Fuel's Art in the Streets Program

A decade ago we introduced the Art in the Streets program, which featured contemporary artworks that engaged more assertively with the Kingston community-at-large. Proposals were selected based on their relevance to Kingston community politics, and on their potential to stimulate interest within diverse audiences. This approach followed a legacy of off-site programming including the Millenium Project (a ten-year long partnership between Modern Fuel and the Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area) and the practice of presenting contemporary art in vacant downtown storefronts. Over the past few years, Modern Fuel's programming had adapted many of the Art in the Streets initiatives (Square Pegs, an outdoor video screening event at Kingston City Hall, has become an annual event) and the program has been folded into our regular programming. However, we continue to encourage proposals for offsite projects distinct from our gallery exhibitions. For inquiries, please contact the Artistic Director at with a proposal.  

Past Projects include:

Aug 15, 2012
Market Square: Square Pegs V
Artists: Lisa Aalders, Amalie Atkins, Mansoor Behnam, Decomposing Pianos (Owen Fernley and Julia Krolik), Erica Eyres, James Greatrex & Brent Nurse, Troy Gronsdahl, Adam Lark, Barbara Meneley, Cheryl Pagurek, and Colin Zipp.
Medium: Video

Mar 1, 2012 - Mar 4, 2012
Offsite: Modern Fuel presents Rachel Kalpana James’ Borderline
Artist: Rachel Kalpana James
Medium: Video Installation

Aug 17, 2011
Market Square: Square Pegs 4
Artists: Yi Xin Tong, Penny McCann,Pixie Cram, Audio Lodge, Josh Hite, Taien Ng-Chan, Susan Detwiler, Maayke Schurer, Mary Porter, Christine Negus, Rebecca Anweiler.
Medium: Video

Mar 15, 2010 - Mar 19, 2011
Various Locations: Acting Out, Claiming Space
Artists: Jordan Bennett, Terrance Houle, Tanya Lukin Linklater, Skeena Reece. Curated by Carla Taunton, Daina Warren
Medium: Performance

Mar 5, 2011
Kingston Canadian Film Festival: Perte de Signal: RESILIENCES
Artists: Jason Arsenault, Nicolas Bernier, Myriam Bessette, Ariane De Blois, Robin Dupuis, Martin Messier, Nelly-Eve Rajotte
Medium: Video

Feb 4, 2011
Market Square: Glide
Artist: Aubrey Reeves
Medium: Video Installation

Aug 18, 2010
Market Square: Square Pegs 3
Artists: Eugenie Cliché , Kandis Friesen, Becky Ip, Patrick Jenkins, Christophe Jordache, Jessica MacCormack, Blake MacFarlane, Penny McCann, Jocelyn Purdie, Maayke Schurer
Medium: Video

Dec 5, 2009 - Jan 12, 2010
Wishes, Lies, and Dreams in the Project Room
Artists: Sarawut Chutiwongpeti
Medium: Installation

Sept 24. 2009
Voice Off: Screening in the Square
Sarah DeCarlo, Bear Thomas
multi-media based project that brought artists Sarah DeCarlo and Bear Thomas to work with youth ages 12-25 this summer at the Katarokwi Native Friendship Centre through video workshops. The goal of the project was to create an opportunity for the youth at the Katarokwi Native Friendship Centre to gain media skills and to facilitate an opportunity to explore, create and share personal and community experiences and stories through new media and video technologies.

Aug 19, 2009
Square Pegs Two
L. Ashwyn Collins, Celeste Fichter, Nathaniel Sullivan, Holly Rodricks, Cheryl Pagurek, Kate Yuksel, Nubuo Kubota, Claire Hodge, Brandon Blommaert
Square Pegs Two, a free viewing of video art in Market Square, downtown Kingston. This is a family friendly event and there will be a popcorn vender! Come one and all for an exciting night of moving pictures accompanied by audio data from all across North America!

Sept 9, 2008 - Sept 13, 2008
Knock on Woods Residency
Yvette Poorter
Knock on Woods Residency is a constructed space that dedicates itself to offering local and international artists a sense of rootedness and respite from a hectic and bewildering globalism. The residency is a para-site that consists of a rustic tent-cabin and a forest of tree-flags that can be and has been situated almost anywhere.

Aug 2, 2008
Dave Kemp
By making a camera obscura within a van it is possible to have a moving enclosure and thus a moving image of the environment outside. The rear portion of a van is completely blacked-out with the only light allowed to enter coming through a 1/4" pinhole on the rear window. The result is a rather disorienting perceptual experience, so hang onto yourself. Meet with the artist and arrange for a ride at the Modern Fuel booth that will be located in the Courtyard of the Springer Market Square in downtown Kingston.

June 7, 2008
Buffalo Boy's Do Not feel the Buffalo: Moving Camp
Featuring artist Adrian Stimson
The parade will be a strategic lead in to Stimson’s Buffalo Boy performance in the city of Kingston, and will be significant, as it will offer an opportunity for audiences from diverse communities (gay, art/cultural, aboriginal, Canadian) to engage with issues faced by the Indigenous communities in Canada, such as the impact of colonization, residential schools, and christianity as well as the effect of sexuality and conquest on traditional and contemporary aboriginal culture.
Curated by Ryan Rice

Sept 15, 2007
State Greetings
Robert Jelinek, Mark Prier
State Greetings takes a platform to observe the social, cultural, and political phenomenon of Micronations: small entities that resemble, behave as, and sometimes parody independent nations or states.

July 15-16, 2006
Baskers' Fair: 100 People Performance
Shannon Cochrane
A presentation of The Baskers' Fair, an interventionalist festival of performance art coyly coinciding with Kingston's 18th annual Buskers Rendezvous as a means to examine notions of public vs corporate space, and to evidence the varying degrees of separation between audience and participant, and art and entertainment.
Curated by Gjen Snider. Coordinated by Tali Shalmon and Amy Uyeda.

August - September 2005
First Response
Judy Bowyer and Kelly Lynne Wood
Presented in three public spaces over the course of two months showcasing the audio-based work of Judy Boywer in concert with the relations-based performance of Kelly Lynne Wood.
Coordinated by Julia Mensink.

June - September 2004
Parking Art in Parking Lots
Uta Riccius, Kirsten Forkert & John Dummett, Adrian Blackwell
With responsive projects by emerging artists Jennifer Titus, York Lethbridge, and Lisa Visser
Site-specific interventions that transformed parking spaces into dynamic, cultural playing fields, challenging ideas and concepts concerning our relationship with a little-considered space known as the "parking lot."
Curated by Julie Fiala. Coordinated by Jill Battson and Gjen Snider.

February 2004
Cindy Baker, Devora Neumark
With Julie Fiala, Kyle Bishop, Jennifer Roche, Koren Bellman, Sandra Jass and Andrea Doggett
A three-part (development, performance, discussion)community-based performance art project that re-produces the notion of Valentine's Day exchanges through door-to-door encounters.
Curated by Julie Fiala.

May/June 2003
Paul Couillard and Ed Johnson
A line up of six performances and process-oriented projects meant to draw on the collaborative and competitive tensions that underlie all partnerships.