Throwing Tomatoes at the Sky

For Modern Fuel’s 10th Regional Juried Exhibition, Throwing Tomatoes at the Sky, guest curator Camilla Singh has chosen works by nine Kingston-based artists: James Greatrex, Dorene Inglis, Troy Leaman, Benjamin Nelson, Aly Ogasian, Gjen Snider, Rebecca Soudant, Amy Uyeda, and Rafaela Vidinha. Modern Fuel’s regional juried exhibitions are meant to reflect the wide-ranging practices of artists in the Greater Kingston region and to provide a forum in which to compare artistic modalities from one year to the next. Camilla Singh has selected works based on their exploratory character – exploratory insofar as they pose interesting question (formally, conceptually and politically) within current artistic and broader socio-cultural contexts. Singh will be at the closing reception for the exhibition on Saturday July 12th at 7 pm. She will also be conducting portfolio reviews with members of the gallery on Sunday July 13th. Space is limited, so contact the gallery as soon as possible to book a session with the curator.

Throwing Tomatoes at the Sky Photos


Camilla Singh is a visual artist and curator, working in Toronto and exhibiting internationally. She is the Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (MOCCA). Recently, as curator of Toronto’s Nuit Blanche in 2007 she presented Supernatural City, consisting of ten major outdoor contemporary art installations viewed by 800,000 people over the course of 12 hours from dusk to dawn.


James Greatrex is a new media artist and film maker. He is a member of the SAW video cooperative in Ottawa and Modern Fuel ARC in Kingston. His interests include science, religion and evolutionary psychology.

Dorene Inglis spent a year teaching English and Art in China. She is a former program director at Niagara Artists' Company in St. Catharines.

Troy Leaman drinks black coffee to savor the bitter; watches anime so he can find something to cry about; fails to keep his apartment tidy because chaos is more powerful than order; reads and studies constantly just to keep on the wave of change; he will want to marry you if you talk to him for more than five minutes.

Benjamin Nelson is a designer and silkscreen printer from Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Upon his disillusionment with technology based studies at Humber College, Toronto, he began a regimen of self-education in handmade design and print work.

Aly Ogasian hails from Granby, Connecticut and is a recent graduate from the Bachelor of Fine Art program at Queen's University where she concentrated in sculpture, installation, and drawing. Her tendency is towards laboriously created emotionally charged spaces.

Gjen Snider takes her ideas and makes them into installations, fretwork sculptures, collage, and collaborative community-based activities. Snider is the former Program Director of Modern Fuel, and is a founding member of The Artel collective. She was raised in Verona (Ontario), and after living in communities throughout the country, now lives and works in Kingston.

Rebecca Soudant is a Visual Arts teacher at Smiths Falls Collegiate. She lives at the Artel, an artist residence and arts venue. She is also a member of the Made 4 You collective, a store that works to build a responsible commercial model.

Amy Uyeda is from Toronto and has just completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours degree at Queen’s University, majoring in printmaking. Using colour lithography as her medium of choice, recent work focuses on city parks as spaces that contrast organic and architectural imagery. Public parks are an area in flux; an area of congregation, which speaks to her larger artistic interests in social interactions in public spaces.

Rafaela Vidinha is an experimental filmmaker and troublemaker in general. She resides at the Artel, an artist residence and arts venue in downtown Kingston.