Slide Show

“Slide Show” presents a series of stained-glass slides with a custom lightbox made by Mark Thompson, a visual artist working predominantly with glass since 1991. Though mainly undertaking large-scale architectural glasswork commissions, he has also generated a steady stream of studio artwork including autonomous glassworks, paintings and mixed media objects. Thompson maintains a glass/art studio-building in Sydenham, Ontario.

Mark Thompson writes: “The format of the series will be based on 16:1 scales standard slide box, containing 24 slides. The oversized 31” square slides will be made with 1” thick router-detailed, white-lacquered Baltic Birch, and stained, etched, flashed (i.e. laminated) and enameled glass panes; these materials will be beautifully analogous to the usual slide materials of white plastic dyed acetate.

The ubiquitous “box of slides” format will constitute a loaded starting point for the images contained therein in that the finished work(s) will at once be:
• A sculpture
• A sculpture that contains paintings
• Painting that are in fact stained glass windows
• Stained glass windows that return to their narrative roots in that as representational images, they will constitute a kind of nebulous graphic narrative
• Photography based art work, sort of

In order to capture the full chroma intensity characteristic of photographic transparencies onto single panes of glass the images will be etched and painted with kiln-fired vitreous enamels onto single panes of specially made flashed glasses. Flashed glasses are made my limning thin layers of vividly colored glass onto a clear or pale base sheet. As vitreous enamels normally have a limited tonal range, by selectively etching away different strata, or “flashings” from the base sheet you can allot saturated colour to any part of the image while maintaining the seamless vitreous plan of the “slide”. The permanent, traditional kiln-fired vitreous enamels will be used for the rendering of the images over the vividly coloured compositions initially “blocked in” by the etching process.

The finished slides will be shown with a similarly scaled replica of a hand held viewer and simultaneously projected onto the gallery wall. There will also be a limited, numbered, 1:16 scale edition of 1000.

By developing a truly coherent series of rigorous and startling images that meaningfully emerge from, and fully capitalize on, the complexity nuanced format of the overall work, I hope to integrate the painterly and sculptural aspects of my previous work.”