Julian Halydyn: Traces of Tea: Broken Vessels

Traces of Tea: Broken Vessels is a series of photographic images depciting portions of doorways and passages, each image exposed only within the random space of a spill. Each of the photographs is a plaque mounted with fragments from a shattered teacup affixed to the surface, optically inferring a cause and effect relationship between the spilt tea and the images that appear. The white surrounding the randomly defined images, along with the white of the teacup fragments, visually blend into the white of the gallery walls on which the works are hung, folding the spaces together. Halydyn is experimenting with the construction of a hypothetical architectural environment within the physical structure of the gallery, one that is defined by accidental spaces of the spill images. The photographic images appear as possibilities within the construct of the gallery space: entrances formulated by the breaking of the tea vessels, exits the exist within the traces of a tea spill.

Traces of Tea: Broken Vessels Photos