On Saturday August 2nd, from 12 noon to 5pm, at Springer Market Square, Dave Kemp will present Taken, a camera obscura within a van. Climb inside a camera and see the world in a whole new way!

By making a camera obscura within a van it is possible to have a moving enclosure and thus a moving image of the environment outside. The rear portion of a van is completely blacked-out with the only light allowed to enter coming through a 1/4" pinhole on the rear window. The result is a rather disorienting perceptual experience, so hang onto yourself. Meet with the artist and arrange for a ride at the Modern Fuel booth that will be located in the Courtyard of the Springer Market Square in downtown Kingston.

Taken is presented as part of Infra-Ordinary, an exhbition of photo-based work at Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre, which runs from Aug. 2 to Sept. 6, 2008. Join us for the opening reception on Aug. 2nd at 7pm in the gallery.

Dave Kemp is a visual artist and recent graduate from the Master of Visual Studies program at the University of Toronto as well as in the Knowledge Media Design Collaborative Program. He earned his BScE in Mechanical Engineering at Queen’s University. His art practice looks at the intersections and interactions between art, science and technology - particularly at how these fields shape our perception and understanding of the world.