Sadderday Night

Modern Fuel’s latest exhibition “Sadderday Night” is an immersive experience of light, sound, and colour. Mike Murphy and Anders Oinonen have collaborated on a full-scale installation that transforms and unfolds the space of the gallery.

Both artists have been pursuing new tactics in abstraction, and the show is revelatory. Murphy brings into his work ideas from a wide range of sources, including the French Support/Surface group and Latin American artists such as Gego, while Oinonen focuses on conscious and unconscious assumptions about images. Their collaboration makes abstraction literally kinetic. For 'Sadderday Night,' clock din Sound System returns after a two-year hiatus to explore a "din of disappointment' in the immersive environment at Modern Fuel on the evening of the opening at 9pm. clock din is the ongoing collaboration of artists from Canada, Europe and Japan, curated by Gord High, that fuses "dada with dubplates" on-line ( and in house. Admission is free for gallery members, $5 for non-members.

For installation images of Sadderday Night see here

Mike Murphy (Toronto) received his MFA from the University of Waterloo. His exhibitions include “There’s nothing there at all” at Greener Pastures, and “LOVE/HATE: New Crowned Glory in the GTA” at MOCCA (Toronto). Anders Oinonen (Toronto) received his MFA from University of Waterloo. He has had numerous exhibitions in Canada and abroad, including “Conceptual Figures” at Deitch Projects (New York) in 2008, and the 2007 RBC Painting Competition Exhibition.