Ulysses' Hands Pick: 9th Regional Juried Exhibition

Lisa Figge, James Greatrex, Michele LaRose, Jeremy Mulder,
Miriam Netten, Elisa Paloschi, Daniel Pereira, Francis Pratt,
Rebecca Soudant, and Irina Skvortsova

GUEST CURATOR: Ulysses Castellanos

RECEPTION: 5 May 2007

The curatorial premise for this group exhibition is to reflect the wide-ranging practices of artists in the region. Our guest curator, Ulysses Castellanos, selected works based on their exploratory character – exploratory insofar as they pose interesting questions (formally, conceptually and politically) within current artistic and broader socio-cultural contexts. This exhibition provides a forum in which to compare artistic modalities from one year to the next.

Ulysses Castellanos is an artist and independent curator living and working in Toronto. Castellanos creates works in video, performance including music, and is an active curator. As the curator-in-residence at Gallery TPW (Toronto, Castellanos was able to bring together the group exhibit I SEE A DARKNESS, which looks at contemporary art interested in “dark” subjects such as death, violence, the occult, and evil. In this age of global do-it-yourself communications, Castellanos looks at the way information technologies, for better or for worse, have shaped a generation of aesthetic and narrative practices. His website is www.ulyssesdadabase.com.