Square Pegs Two

Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre and Downtown Kingston Present: Square Pegs Two, a free viewing of video art in Market Square, downtown Kingston. 

Come one and all for an exciting night of moving pictures accompanied by audio data from all across North America! Program: 1. L. Ashwyn Collins: 'the catch' - Champaign, IL 2. Celeste Fichter: 'water water' - Brooklyn, NY 3. Nathaniel Sullivan: 'What Doesn't Kill me' - Syracuse, NY 4. Holly Rodricks: 'Partition' - Syracuse, NY 5. Cheryl Pagurek: 'Passage' - Ottawa, ON 6. Kate Yuksel: 'Watching Blue' - Kingston, ON 7. Nubuo Kubota: 'Loop Holes' - Toronto, ON 8. Claire Hodge: 'Smash' and 'Flamenco Bruce' - Halifax, NS 9. Brandon Blommaert: 'GREYCON 4' - Calgary, AB