Sun Ra to Sun O)))

Craig Leonard’s "Sun Ra to Sunn O))) – A Blasted History of Noise" is an hour-long audio performance presenting over 100 significant noise albums from 1965 to the present. Leonard will masterfully create a flow of 30-second samples from alternating records continuously intersecting across two turntables, working his way chronologically through albums such as Sun Ra's "The Magic City" (1965) to Dave Phillips "They Live" (2009). This idiosyncratic compilation and presentation of noise benchmarks is culled from the artist’s own collection, set at an upper limit of 100 that is daunting but by no means exhaustive. The general criterion is that the records explore sound experimentation, and specifically noise: dissonance, volume, distortion, unpredictability and chaos. Sun Ra to Sunn O))) was first presented in May at the experimental music festival in Halifax called Obey Convention, and it was featured in June as part of an exhibition at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia called "Sometimes Always,” which explored the fleeting nature of audio technologies. Craig Leonard’s performance is the third this year in the Vapours series of experimental music concerts at Modern Fuel. Leonard’s performance will be followed by SOLID GOLD, a disco-themed dance party featuring DJ’s LK, Sealegs, and Helen at 10pm. Tickets for the night are $8 in advance, and $10 at the door. Bio: Craig Leonard's art practice is based in research and the recovery of lost histories, often involving meticulous musical archival: His project Gift for the Screamers (2007) involved finding the original members of LA punk band The Screamers to give them handmade vinyl records (the legendary band never released an official album); his installation Amusicology at Mercer Union (2009) meticulously documented connections and crossovers between various bands and their members. Leonard currently teaches Intermedia and Video at NSCAD University, Halifax, Canada. Image: Craig Leonard, Bad Seeds (detail), 2009.