Dream Temples

Dream Temples is a sculptural project that incorporates the remains of nature and human civilization into cement structures. These hybrid architectonic structures reference sacred temples for the living and the dead, ancient dream temples, and temple forms that mark burial sites. Cement is the much used construction material of our times, having a utilitarian, impersonal, and indeed, even institutional quality. Cement is a monolithic product of a culture which has so greatly emphasized rational triumphs, through its temples of consumption and production. As an opaque, dense material that is difficult to penetrate, cement is useful for a culture which has chosen to allow the proliferation of disposable meaning, through the seemingly sacred dream of materialism. Dream Temples represents a cultural site where dreams are simultaneously excavated, reformulated, incarcerated, and incubated against the backdrop of the misapprehended, unrealized human garment. Anna Elmberg Wright graduated with distinction in 2008 from Queen’s University BFAH program. She is building an independent art practice in painting, sculpture and installation. Anna is currently engaged with Art Shift, an artist mentoring program through Union Gallery with professional artists/mentors, Rebecca Anweiller and Robert Wiens. In addition, she is pursuing post-grad studies in Homeopathy. All her dreams are in living technicolour.