In the State of Flux Gallery: Flight by Genna Kusch 7 August – 4 September, 2010 Reception: Saturday 7 August 2010 @7pm

Modern Fuel Artist Run Centre, 21 Queen St., Kingston ON Go into the woods with Genna Kusch's new print installation for the State of Flux Gallery, and experience a fairy tale world that both frightens and delights. Kusch is a recent BFAH grad from Queen’s University. She has exhibited in London, Kingston and Toronto but is still looking for a home base. For now she is keeping her fingers crossed that she will be able to travel to Scotland for school and eventually begin teaching and making art there. She likes English literature, comic books and epically flawed heroes.

Artist Statement

My current work is an investigation and reinterpretation of traditional Western European children's stories and rhymes. It explores the ways in which the quality of innocence in the form of these stories can mask a more complicated interpretation of the content. Drawing on these fables, I isolate and morph archetypal characters into my own heroes and monsters, inserting them into new environments and narratives informed by my more adult experiences. I hope to convey both the effect these stories have had on me, as well as "a complex and ever-changing picture of a morally mute natural world remote from its creator" (Mark Lilla). By injecting both dangerous and playful aspects into my work, I hope to create a space that invites the viewer to explore, even as they resist the urge to flee. “Flight” is perhaps a lighter look at these themes of duality and transformation. Print is the ideal medium for my installations, allowing play and experimentation with multiples, as well as referencing the written and print tradition of storytelling and illustration. The woodcut cutout characters inhabit the gallery walls, drawing the viewer into the story. I am also currently exploring drawing on its own as a medium to develop new characters, disembodied from but still alluding to a just out of reach narrative. I am also interested in surface and space, particularly in how it informs the work and how each installation adapts to the unique space, allowing for new relationships. I wish to continue my focus on these themes, creating my own cast of characters for my own stories.