Vapours Concert with Holzkopf and Freida Abtan

Vapours Concert with Holzkopf and Freida Abtan When: Thursday, October 28, 2010 at 8pm Where: Modern Fuel Gallery, 21 Queen St., Kingston ON Admission: $10 general. $5 students, CFRC volunteers and Modern Fuel members. Modern Fuel, with CFRC and Tone Deaf 9, presents the latest installment in its Vapours series of experimental music, a concert featuring Holzkopf (Vancouver, BC) and Freida Abtan (Providence, RI) on Thursday, October 28th, at 8pm. Local artists Blake Macfarlane and Nicholas Fellion (Kingston, ON) will also present a short opening set.

Vapours is a semi-regular concert series hosted by Modern Fuel, the aim of which is to provide an alternative space for exploratory musical performances and to promote emerging experimental musicians both locally and nationally. This concert kicks off a series of experimental music events organized and promoted by Modern Fuel, CFRC, and Tone Deaf 9 from October 28 to Nov. 7, 2010. Stay tuned for further details.

Holzkopf is the alias of Vancouver-based musician and DJ Jake Hardy. Since 2001, Holzkopf has been developing a style of hypnotic and frenetic dance music made from a mishmash of homemade tape collages, blown out drum machine beats and grabbed found sounds. The sound is reminiscent of proto-industrial, disco, hip-hop, global psychedelia, gospel and breakcore synthesized into a complete unique whole. This is futurist and anarchist music made on cheap gear, recorded live to tape or dusty old hard drives. A Holzkopf performance is always a spontaneous, raw and one of a kind experience.

Providence-based musician Freida Abtan is a Canadian multi-disciplinary artist and composer. Her work falls somewhere in between musique concrète and more modern noise and experimental audio: both genres are influential to her sound. Abtan works with samples of musical and non-musical objects that she records herself and then manipulates, often beyond recognition, through layers of digital signal processing. She uses structures reminiscent of popular music and more abstract compositional variants to sequence these sounds into melodic songs before incorporating her own treated voice. Her first album, “subtle movements,” is available on United Dairies / Jnana Records.

Doors will open at 8pm with performances starting at 9. Tickets are sliding scale at the door with $5 recommended for students, CFRC volunteers and Modern Fuel members, $10 for the general public.