Perte de Signal: RESILIENCES

In association with the Kingston Canadian Film Festival, Modern Fuel is proud to present, on Saturday March 5th at 4:05 pm at the Screening Room (Room 1), a retrospective program of videos produced by Perte de Signal. PERTE DE SIGNAL : RESILIENCES Artists: Jason Arsenault, Nicolas Bernier, Myriam Bessette, Ariane De Blois, Robin Dupuis, Martin Messier, Nelly-Eve Rajotte Producer: Perte de Signal Language: English and French Runtime: Approx. 90 minutes PERTE DE SIGNAL, a media arts research and development centre in Montreal, has been on the cutting edge of the presentation of digital artworks for over a decade now — from digital disk production to new media installations. RESILIENCES is a retrospective program of short video work produced by artist members of Perte de Signal between 1997 and 2010. At the forefront of development in new media-arts practices, both in Canada and internationally, the artists featured in this program engage with digital sound and moving images with an immediacy and familiarity that recalls the intimacy of painting or sculpture. Presented by Modern Fuel’s New Media Workspace, the video program will be followed by a discussion with Nelly-Eve Rajotte, artist and member of Perte de Signal, focusing on the organization's endeavours, including artist representation, the production of artworks and events, equipment rental, curatorship, mentorship, networking, laboratories, residencies, publishing, advocacy for artists’ rights, and ancillary support for improving artists’ socioeconomic conditions and promoting media arts.