Morning Glory: Works in Progress

Modern Fuel presents, in its State of Flux Gallery, Kate Yüksel’s new series of photographs, Morning Glory: Works in Progress. This body of work examines private moments in domestic settings where weakness and fragility are revealed. Yüksel’s photographs contrast the tender and beautiful as well as the raw and vulnerable.

Morning Glory Photos

Artist's Statement:

I was taught never to make a big decision at night, but to wait until the morning. This advice has made me reflect on the clarity that the morning brings. Mornings offer hopefulness as one embarks on the beginning of a new day. At the same time mornings expose our vulnerabilities, possible disappointments from our dreams, and a reconnection with our daily struggles. I examine private moments in the domestic setting where weakness and fragility are revealed. Amid domestic space, we put our guard down and display our true selves. I am interested in the contrast of the tender and beautiful as well as the raw and vulnerable.


Kate Yüksel received her MFA from Minneapolis College of Art & Design and BFA Degrees in both Photography and Graphic Design from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. She is a recipient of a 2010 Ontario Arts Council (OAC) Visual Arts Emerging Artist Grant as well as an OAC Exhibition Assistance Grant and her work has appeared in various publications and museums. As a freelance artist she has worked with many of Kingston’s not-for-profit organizations including Grand Theatre and Agnes Etherington Art Centre. She currently holds positions as Exhibition and Communication Coordinator at the Union Gallery and in the Visual Resources Unit in Queen’s Department of Art.