Vapours Concert with Old Haunt, Sam Shalabi and Reena Katz

Modern Fuel, with support from CFRC, the Canada Council for the Arts, and the Community Foundation of Kingston and Area, presents the latest installment in its Vapours series of experimental music, a concert featuring Old Haunt (Kingston, On) Sam Shalabi (Montreal, QC) and Reena Katz (Toronto, ON) on Thursday, July 28th, at 8pm. Vapours is a semi-regular concert series hosted by Modern Fuel, the aim of which is to provide an alternative space for exploratory musical performances and to promote emerging experimental musicians both locally and nationally. Kingston’s Old Haunt features Lucas Huang, Matt Rogalsky and Chris Trimmer. Their music explores the intersection of folk/pop songwriting and electronic atmospherics, incorporating elements of North American roots music, sampling, digital signal processing, and drone. This is their third performance, ever. Montreal’s Sam Shalabi is a prolific and longtime fixture of that city’s free improv and experimental post-rock scenes. He plays guitar and oud, with regular appearances in numerous jazz and free improv ensembles, maintains membership in a kaleidoscope of avant rock bands, and is at the compositional helm of various musical assemblages large and small, including Shalabi Effect and Land of Kush. His Kingston performance will present an “Oud Concerto,” featuring electro-acoustic audio collage and digital effects. Toronto-based artist Reena Katz works at the intersection of sound, space and social engagement. Her installation, composition and performance work has been exhibited publicly in galleries and on radio across North America and Europe. Her “Yiddish Record Collection: Illegitimate Tour” features songs from a variety of Yiddish traditions: protest, longing, desire and hybridity. Katz plays her favourite tunes on a vintage turntable, and offers casual annotated translations for under-Yiddished listeners. Her quirky political window onto this dying musical form recalls the good ol’ days, before Zionism defined the vast terrain that is Jewish cultural experience. (Prior to the Vapours concert, at 6pm Katz will be giving a talk and presenting her project Empathic Maneuvers at AKA Autonomous Social Centre, 75 Queen St. Unit 1, Kingston, Ontario, as part of the Corridor Culture series.) Doors will open at Modern Fuel at 8pm with performances starting at 9. Tickets are sliding scale at the door from $5 to $10. Image: Reena Katz, Yiddish Record Collection.