Vapours Concert with Alcrete, Dreamcatcher, and Disguises

Modern Fuel, with support from CFRC and the Canada Council for the Arts, presents the latest installment in its Vapours series of experimental music, a concert featuring Alcrete (Kingston, ON), Dreamcatcher (Montreal, QC) and Disguises (Toronto, ON) on Saturday, November 5th, at 8pm. Vapours is a regular concert series hosted by Modern Fuel that provides an alternative space for exploratory musical performances and promotes emerging experimental musicians both locally and nationally. Kingston’s Alcrete performs brooding dark jams about rusty assembly lines and broken dreams. This is not your grandfather's “Darkness On The Edge Of Town." Whether working in a snowdrifted garret or a dank innercity sewer, Montreal’s Dreamcatcher have been pounding analog drum synth music through their pile of amps, composing unusual songs and disorganized dance music, for seven years. Leads come courtesy of the rumble pack, an analog synth made of thriftstore junk. A variety of tape/vinyl textures provide gently moving backgrounds for maximum carsick effect. Their songs are about the mind, the heart, the body, the society, the snakes and ladders of fickle fortune, the double helix of creation and destruction, equal parts hugs and doom. Think rhythms of deep-breathing and undersea physics, textures of sonic fractals and electron pressure, with lyrics about oracle versus highwayman morality. Disguises are scum and splooge surfers of Toronto's noise/avant D.I.Y. underground. A volcanic blast of rushing blood & damaged ear drums, Disguises seamlessly blurs the lines between avant/psych creep, free-jazz improvisation, mechanized industrial groove, and total punk attack. Total "rock action" abuse, strings shredded, fried speakers and hours upon hours of VHS tape eaten for samples (Carpenter, Dr. Who, David Koresh, and classic Godzilla movies...they’re all in there) create a gonzo movie buffs auditory wet dream cum to life. The end result is 21st Century punk rock crafted by a band too difficult to pigeonhole in to one specific genre, a band burning the heat of now. D-STROY! Doors will open at Modern Fuel at 8pm with performances starting at 9. Tickets are sliding scale at the door from $5 to $10.