Saturday, September 20, 2014 to Saturday, October 18, 2014

In the spring of 2013, Modern Fuel hosted a project initiated by artists Cliff Eyland* and Dr. Jeanne Randolph called Your Own Grad School. For six weeks—the duration of an exhibition—the gallery was given over to nine local artists** who used the space as a studio. Their evolving work was open to the public during gallery hours, and during the concluding week Eyland and Randolph came to Kingston to conduct ‘grad school’ sessions. These participant/public sessions were held in the evening and open for all to attend. A “graduation ceremony” was held on the last day.

Despite initial hesitations—there were no instructions to follow at the beginning—the participants found their own direction. Many discussions were had, and ideas were shared. This self-motivation was a key component, and after ‘school’ was over, many of the participating artists decided to keep working together: they formed the collective Agitated Plovers Salon.

The exchanges shared around Your Own Grad School—from discussing amateurism to art as the “life and death hobby”—brought a vitality to the gallery and art community in Kingston. From the many questions emerged something that continued on its own momentum, which was part of the impetus of the original proposal. As Eyland and Randolph wrote, this was “a call to artists to take control of their lives, to take risks on their own, and to take charge of their art.”

As the fall semester returns and University and College students settle in, Modern Fuel is introducing a follow-up to Your Own Grad School. Less a reprise but an extension of the spirit that surrounded the original project, 2014’s Your Own Grad School will feature a new group of local artists, active reading groups and public presentations.

CLOSING EVENTS OCT 16, 17 and 18

Thursday, Oct 16: 7pm. Group discussions, with Ted Rettig, Sunny Kerr and members of the Agitated Plover Salon

Friday, Oct 17. 7pm. Guest artists Soft Turns will give a talk and screening on their work. 

Saturday, Oct 18. 1pm. Guest artists Soft Turns will lead a reading group and discussions with participating artists. 

Saturday, Oct 18. 7pm. Closing Reception! 

All events are free and open to the public. 

This year's participants are: Peggy Fussell, Jean Jamieson-Hanes, Sandra Jass, Katharine Vingoe-Cram, Patricia Van Asperen, Kaethe Yanovsky and Emily Zielke. A schedule of events will be made available shortly. There will be a closing reception on Saturday, Oct 18th at 7pm. 

*Get well dear friend.

**The 2013 artists were Michèle LaRose, Julia Krolik, Fraser Radford, Sunny Kerr, Harry Symons, Chantal Rousseau, Erin Milliken, Claire Grady-Smith and Milosh Rodic.