Your Own Grad School: Session Four

Thursday, September 1, 2016 to Saturday, October 1, 2016

In the spring of 2013, Modern Fuel hosted a project initiated by artists Cliff Eyland and Dr. Jeanne Randolph called Your Own Grad School. For the duration of the exhibition the gallery was given over to nine local artists who used the space as a studio. Despite initial hesitations—there were no instructions to follow at the beginning—the participants found their own direction. The exchanges shared around Your Own Grad School—from discussing amateurism to art as the “life and death hobby”—brought a vitality to the gallery and art community in Kingston. 

Drawing from the program's relation to self-determination and horizontal forms of learning, Session Four will invite artists to consider what it means to work as an aritist. Participants are encourage to approach this question from a range of perspectives, paying particular attention to what it means for their own practice, for the media they work in, and with the type of work that they produce. Cultural production is, after all, a broad concept. Yet across disciplines, there is a shared precarity, as well as a common sense of community that many seek. Through discussions, reading groups, art crits and/or collaborative projects, participants are invited to take charge of the program and collectively determine its direction and development.

For more information about participating in Session Four please see our call