Main Gallery

Chronotopic Village

Chronotopic Village gathers together the work of Nadia Myre, Kevin Burton, Cheryl L'Hirondelle, Darlene Naponse and Thirza Cuthand, who each in turn invite the audience to engage multiple and diverse chronotopes (times-spaces.) Each artist presents meditations on new and ever-changing cultural imaginaries that co-exist within the modern nation state in both its cities and rural spaces. In this exhibition curated by Wanda Nanibush, the specific locations of each artist are multiple, and how that impacts their artistic engagement with time-spaces is the Chronotopic Village.

11th Annual Regional Juried Exhibition

Modern Fuel's 11th Annual Regional Juried Exhibition is at Modern Fuel from August 8th to September 5th, 2009, with an opening reception on August 29th at 7pm. The curatorial premise for this group exhibition is to reflect the wide-ranging practices of artists in the Kingston region and is meant to provide a forum in which to compare artistic modalities from one year to the next.

Sadderday Night

Modern Fuel’s latest exhibition “Sadderday Night” is an immersive experience of light, sound, and colour. Mike Murphy and Anders Oinonen have collaborated on a full-scale installation that transforms and unfolds the space of the gallery.

Emergence/Resistance: Themes, Works, and Artists from the Havana Biennial

As part of Cubafest, Kingston’s celebration of Cuban culture, Modern Fuel is proud to host a talk with Cuban curator and art critic Dannys Montes de Oca Moreda, a member of the curatorial team for the 10th Havana Biennial.

Transactions of the Eye

The works in the main gallery exhibition, “Transactions of the Eye,” act as a bridge between featured artist Harold Coego’s two home countries: Cuba, where historical and cultural heroes surrounded him, and Canada, where new characters and new human interactions shape a different life.

Wind from the East

Featuring the drawing installations of Montreal-based artists Jing Yuan Huang and Jerry Ropson, Modern Fuel’s newest exhibition, Wind from the East, offers varying interpretations on what it means to come from the East, and whether or not geographical directions have any bearing on today’s globalized art practice.

Thinking Inside the Box

Thinking Inside the Box features the video installations of Montreal-based artist Christopher Flower. Flower’s video installations explore interactivity and incorporate installation with the mechanical processes and spatial complexities of kinetic sculpture.

Soft Abs

“Soft Abs” is an exhibition of abstract painting, and its title is meant to give a slightly humorous spin on the nature by which abstraction defies definition and evades the hard-bodied hyper-realism of much contemporary and mostly computer-generated imagery.

Forest Station

The new exhibition “Forest Station” will allow Modern Fuel visitors to take an International art tour without leaving Kingston. The work of both artists exhibiting, Yvette Poorter and David Ross, reflects their wandering ways and their worldliness. The work in this exhibition is linked through the humorous and poetic use of the forest as a location for a creative wonderland.

Forest Station Photos


Infra-Ordinary presents the work of Christine D’Onofrio (Vancouver, BC), Toni Hafkenscheid (Toronto, ON), Dave Kemp (Toronto, ON) with Kevin Robbie (Kinston, ON), Preston Schiedel (Kingston, ON), and Collin Zipp (Winnipeg, MB).