Main Gallery

Throwing Tomatoes at the Sky

For Modern Fuel’s 10th Regional Juried Exhibition, Throwing Tomatoes at the Sky, guest curator Camilla Singh has chosen works by nine Kingston-based artists: James Greatrex, Dorene Inglis, Troy Leaman, Benjamin Nelson, Aly Ogasian, Gjen Snider, Rebecca Soudant, Amy Uyeda, and Rafaela Vidinha. Modern Fuel’s regional juried exhibitions are meant to reflect the wide-ranging practices of artists in the Greater Kingston region and to provide a forum in which to compare artistic modalities from one year to the next.

One Dimensional Space

In One Dimensional Space, Modern Fuel presents the work of four artists, Melanie MacDonald (St. Catharines, ON), Leigh Mayoh (Ymir, BC), June Pak (Toronto, ON), and Kathleen Ritter and James B. Maxwell (Vancouver, BC), offering the promise of other dimensions.

Parallel World: The Architecture of Survival

This exhibition features the work of Boja Vasic and Vessna Perunovich. It is a visual survey that examines the social phenomena surrounding what the artists call "forced nomads."

Donkey Skin - HaQ, Passmore, Rousseau, Turnbull

Donkey Skin, featuring the artists Farheen HaQ, Heather Passmore, Chantal Rousseau, and Miya Turnbull, is an eerie visual presentation of beautiful and unsettling images dealing with the self-presentation of women in relation to the gaze, both male and female.

State Greetings - Robert Jelinek, Mark Prier

STATE GREETINGS takes a platform to observe the social, cultural, and political phenomenon of Micronations: small entities that resemble, behave as, and sometimes parody independent nations or states.

Instances: 30 Years of Modern Fuel and the K.A.A.I.

2007 is the 30th anniversary year for Kingston Artists’ Association Inc./Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre!

Cyborg Hybrids - KC Adams

Image: KC Adams, “GANG MEMBER” Cyborg Hybrid Niki (visual artist, performance artist & videographer), 2006, digital print

Isabel's Antidote - Jessica MacCormack

Exhibition and Residency at the Artel
Isabel’s Antidote by artist Jessica MacCormack
1-19 August 2007

Workshops: 12 August 2007
Closing Reception: 18 August 2007

Post-Camp (Shelly Bahl and Ben Darrah)

Following Susan Sontag’s “Notes on Camp” (1964), the exhibition Post-Camp tentatively establishes connections between the work of Shelly Bahl and Ben Darrah, and proposes that they be considered in terms of the sensibility “Post-Camp.”

8th Regional Juried Exhibition

More information to come... but in the meantime, enjoy this video of one of the installations -- Literaraoke: The Robot Vampires by Troy Leaman and Vincent Perez.