State of Flux Gallery

Second Life

Reception: Saturday 30 April 2011 @7pm

Finding inspiration in cast off or undervalued objects, Kingston-based artist Jane Derby transforms them and grants them a second life. Wrestling with the limitations of lowly, everyday materials, such as empty soup cans one would usually put in the recycling, Derby pushes their physical properties to the point of transcendence.

Second Life Photos

Artist’s Statement

88 Years

Reception: Saturday 26 March 2011 @ 7pm

88 Years Exhibition Statement

New Work by Scott Wallis

In the State of Flux Gallery: New Work by Scott Wallis
13 November – 18 December, 2010
Reception: Saturday 13 November 2010 @7pm
Modern Fuel Artist Run Centre, 21 Queen St., Kingston ON


In the State of Flux Gallery: Sikhing by Mia Sandhu 18 September – 23 October, 2010 Reception: Saturday 25 September 2010 @7pm


In the State of Flux Gallery: Flight by Genna Kusch 7 August – 4 September, 2010 Reception: Saturday 7 August 2010 @7pm

Watching Paint Dry

In the State of Flux Gallery: Watching Paint Dry by Andrew Sims 26 June – 24 July, 2010 Reception: Saturday 26 June 2010 @7pm

The Number of Days

In the State of Flux Gallery:
Carlyn Bezic, Cecily Taylor

Untitled Works on Paper

State of Flux Space Untitled Works on Paper, by JoAnn Ralph

Dream Temples

Dream Temples is a sculptural project that incorporates the remains of nature and human civilization into cement structures. These hybrid architectonic structures reference sacred temples for the living and the dead, ancient dream temples, and temple forms that mark burial sites. Cement is the much used construction material of our times, having a utilitarian, impersonal, and indeed, even institutional quality. Cement is a monolithic product of a culture which has so greatly emphasized rational triumphs, through its temples of consumption and production.