May Tenancy Available at the Artel

If you live at The Artel, apart from calling it your HOME you'll enjoy:

  • A variety of exhibitions, concerts and performances happening in the main floor multi-purpose space (550 sq.ft), aka your living room. You can choose to participate if you like.
  • Living downtown. The Artel is a 1-minute walk from Wallack's Art Supply, cafés, bookstores, movie theatres, shopping, bars/restaurants, and of course other galleries and theatres.
  • Having artistically-inclined housemates who support your interests and activities.
  • Having the opportunity to join The Artel collective with over a dozen Kingston artists who help to run The Artel's busy schedule of events and activities, including presentation of your work.
  • Opportunity to participate in a lively and connected arts and cultural community!
  • Cheap rent! Great value!

Don't hesitate. We're friendly and open to folks with all interests.

Deadline for application: Monday, March 31st, 2008

Anticipated Cohabitation Start Date: May 1st 2008

For an application form and for more information about The Artel, check out our website: