Bill Poole comes to Kingston

Image: Councillor Bill Glover

March 28 lunch -- “How to put Kingston on the cultural map.”

To help create an awareness of the need for a cultural policy, and to generate discussion, I am organising a special luncheon on Friday, March 28 at the Confederation Place Hotel. William D. (Bill) Poole, the Executive Director of the Centre for Cultural Management will be the speaker. His topic is “Putting Kingston of the Cultural Map.” Look up Bill and the Centre on the web to learn more. This event is being sponsored by both the Kingston Arts Council and KEDCO.

Tickets for this special lunch are $25 and will be available at the Kingston Tourism Office in the old railway station opposite City Hall on Monday, February 25. Board members and supporters of our many cultural organisations are encouraged to attend. There will be a no host bar starting at 11:30 AM, followed by the luncheon at Noon.

Kingston needs a cultural policy.

Kingston needs a cultural policy to provide a framework for Council’s spending, and to help guide the city’s cultural activity. This is an vital component of our tourism industry as well as being an important part of our quality of life.

The need for a cultural policy was recognised during the 2006 election campaign at the Focus on Arts all candidates debate. The 2007 budget included funds to begin work on the development of a cultural policy, but it has not yet been spent. The delay has been in trying to establish terms of reference for a request for proposals for a consultant. (The city does not have sufficient staff and expertise in-house for this work.) We should be ready to seek a consultant before the summer.

An important step forward is that the city has just hired Brian McCurdy to be the Cultural Director. He starts on February 19. His responsibilities will include getting the Grand Theatre up and running, and working on cultural matters.