Support for the Arts

Design company Lisa Kiss Design is creating a series of 30 second video(s) for YouTube to promote the idea of voting for a party that values arts and culture in the upcoming Canadian election. We believe that the recent cuts to arts funding by Stephen Harper's Conservative government shows their lack of commitment to core Canadian values. If you feel the same, please consider participating in this project.

Each video will feature eight Canadians who have been INSPIRED by a book, a film, a play etc. The video will be made up from photographic stills (sent by you!) which will be converted to black and white with the t-shirt highlighted in red. Their end goal is to represent a diverse range of Canadians from across the country who agree that supporting arts and culture is an important role for any Canadian government.

Interested in participating?

1. send a photo of yourself in a plain t-shirt
(no text on the front, no collar)

2. the image can be a jpg, tiff, eps (under 5 MB)
- one person per photo will be featured
- there can be other people in the shot but only one will be highlighted
- please read the t-shirt and let us know if one of the sayings does NOT pertain to you

3. provide your full name, occupation, city and province of residence
- this information will be in the video

**NOTE: by sending a photo you are AGREEING to be in one of the videos

The election is quickly approaching. Please send images as soon as possible so we can get the first video up and running.

The project consists of a series of videos and the sale of t-shirts for the Department of Culture. (

For More Information
lisa kiss design
T (416) 979-0008