Art Is Your Story

ARTS IS YOUR STORY: taking stories to the streets

In response to Stephen Harper's characterization of arts as only of interest to an elite group and not relevant to 'ordinary' Canadians, a group of Queen's University artists wants to demonstrate the prevalence and importance of arts in all our lives. At its very core, art is about the human experience. Art is about storytelling and we all have important stories to tell. We have a need to tell stories, but also we have a need to hear other people's stories.

Therefore, to highlight the belief that everyone is bound together by arts and by the stories that artists tell, they propose to take our stories into the streets. Starting Monday Sept 29th, students, faculty and staff of the Queen's University Drama department will be telling stories in public places. Working in pairs, they will locate themselves around Kingston to read poems, read short stories, sing songs, play music, read from childrens' picture books, talk about the Canadian documentary or film you loved, perform monologues, do puppetry…every kind of storytelling through art. Each performance will also have a sign or flyers explaining why the arts are an integral part of the life of every Canadian. They plan to document our performances, placing pins on a large wall map of Kingston and recording the title of the work of art, the name of the artist and the name of the performer. They will be highlighting a series of 'story-days' leading up to a large event just before the election.

They invite local groups, other departments at Queen's and at departments at other universities to join them in this project.
For More Information:
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