Prime Room Available at the Artel

Living at the ARTEL - PRIME ROOM available
Move in date February 1st or a.s.a.p.


Call KINGSTON’S only authentic Art house your HOME

The Artel has a prime room available for February 1st (or asap)

If you live at The Artel you’ll enjoy:
- exhibitions, concerts and performances happening in the main floor multi-purpose space (550 sq.ft), aka your living room. You can choose to participate as an artist and producer if you like.
- Living downtown. The Artel is a 1-minute walk from Wallack’s Art Supply, cafés, bookstores, movie theatres, shopping, bars/restaurants, and of course other galleries and theatres.
- Having artistically-inclined housemates who support your interests and activities.
- Joining The Artel collective - an inclusive group of Kingston artists who collectively run The Artel’s busy schedule of events and activities, including presentation of your work - ALL TENANTS CAN HAVE or ORGANIZE exhibitions for FREE, and organize their own EVENTS in the venue space.
- Opportunity to participate in a lively and connected arts and cultural community!
- Cheap rent! Great value!

Don’t hesitate.
We’re friendly and open to folks with all interests.
We’re queer positive, and very age positive, love diversity, and consider ourselves adventurous yet studious. We like you if you like us.
Anticipated Cohabitation Start Date: February 1 2009 or a.s.a.p.

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