New Media Workspace Update!

At the top of the homepage you'll recollect there's an item titled New Media Workspace. Before, it was okay. Now though, now it looks the same!
The title that is.
Once you click it, everything changes. We have our brochure online, forums, tutorials and videos. We basically have it all. And we want you to take a peek and get some use out of it.

The forums are brand new and an excellent place to voice all kinds of questions, concerns, issues and otherwise for the New Media Staff. They will be constantly monitoring and moderating the forums to assist with all your new media needs.

The Tutorial section has all manner of helpful videos that deal with independent filmmaking, the specific equipment we rent and the software programs we use.

Note: If there is a video you want to see, or a question you have that you'd rather not voice on the forums, send us an e-mail at and we'll help you out or find a video that does the trick!

Finally we now have a page on, a video hosting website. There are two videos up there so far, one showcasing (very briefly) the Sanyo Hd camera we have, the other showcasing our Panasonic HD camera.
You can get there from the New Media Workspace part of the website.

It's all so new! So check it out, get an idea and see what the new New Media Workspace website section has to offer you!