Annual Deadline for Modern Fuel Programming Fast Approaching

Modern Fuel is currently seeking submissions for 2011-2012 exhibitions of innovative, contemporary artwork in any visual media. Emerging artists are welcome. Artist fees are paid. Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre facilitates the presentation, interpretation, and production of visual and time-based arts that explore wide-ranging aesthetics and probe a broad scope of formal and socio-cultural questions. We welcome proposals for solo and group exhibitions, performances, curatorial projects, collaborative projects, lectures, workshops and other events. Deadline: postmarked May 1st, 2010.

All proposals are reviewed by Modern Fuel’s programming committee. Please note applications for exhibitions (both solo and group), may be considered for inclusion in any group exhibitions that are curated in-house. Submissions for general consideration may be made anytime in time for our annual deadline of May 1st. Only successful applicants will be notified by Modern Fuel by August 1st, 2010.

Application materials will be returned if a Self Addressed & Stamped Envelope is included.

Please send the following:


1. Exhibition or project description (max one-page).


2. CV

3. Support Material

-a maximum of 20 images of current work related to your proposal. Include a separate image list (titles, dimensions, dates, media). Images must be in digital format submitted on CD or DVD, (emailed images or website links will not be considered) and formatted to the following specifications:
-JPEG files only
-1024 pixels wide and 768 pixels high.
-1 MB maximum.
-RGB, or grayscale colour mode files only (no CMYK).

-Number and title each file (digital still); the number must appear before the title so that the order of the images will correspond to the image list, example: 001RedPainting.jpg.

-Do not submit images embedded in the following programs or formats: iphoto, Powerpoint.


-a maximum of 20 minutes of time-based work on DVD. Time-base work can also be submitted as a computer-based media format that can be read by the following programs:

-Quicktime, RealOne Player, or are in the following formats: .mov .mp4 .avi.
Include a separate documentation list (title, length, year, medium).

If you are submitting a combination of images and time-based work, subtract one digital still for every 2 minutes of time-based work submitted.

For more information on submissions please contact us at:

Modern Fuel Artist Run Centre
21 Queen St, Kingston ON K7K 1A1
Phone: (613) 548-4883