Ottawa International Animation Festival's Best of 2009

Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre is proud to present the Ottawa International Animation Festival's Best of 2009, in partnership with The Screening Room. The program features some of the best animated shorts from Canada, Poland, Ireland, France, Estonia and the United States.

OIAF Program

Love on the Line (5:00)
Mac the Horny Mac Daddy (1:07)
Postalolio (5:02)
Please Say Something (10:00)
The Bellow’s March (5:00)
Chick (Laska) (5:03)
The Black Dog’s Progress (3:15)
Magic Cube and Ping-Pong (4:07)
The Art of Drowning (2:07)
History of the Meat Packing District (1:01)
MGMT ‘Kids’ (5:45)
The Terrible thing of Alpha-9 (5:45)
Madagascar, A Journey Diary (11:30)
Inherent Obligations (10:00)

Here are a few highlights from the package:

Best Narrative Short Award Winner "Please Say Something" by David O Reilly. Set in the distant future, the film chronicles the troublesome relationship between a Cat and Mouse. This stunning animation also won the Golden Bear at the 2009 Berlin International Film Festival. Director David O’Reilly has produced videos and visuals for U2 and M.I.A.

"Postalolio" by Marv Newland follows the journey of Gerald, set to the melody ‘Apple Blossoms’. Each frame consists of a hand-traced animation on a postcard, which then traveled through the international postal system before the film was completed.

"The Art of Drowning" by Diego Maclean is based on a poem by the American Poet Laureate Billy Collins. The Art of Drowning also screened at South by Southwest, Toronto International Film Festival and was deemed one of thirteen must-see student films at Sundance.

There will be two separate screenings of this stunning package of fourteen animated shorts:

Saturday, July 24th 2010 @ 1:00PM


Sunday, July 25th 2010 @ 9:00PM

Cost: $8
(all proceeds go to Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre)

Both screenings will take place at The Screening Room (120 Princess St.). So, bring all of your friends and feel free to wear your pajama's!

For more information please contact: