Modern Fuel proudly sponsors Reelout Film

Modern Fuel is a proud community sponsor of the Kingston Reelout Film festival and will be hosting the opening night of films on January 27th at 9pm. The night's program showcases a trio of innovative approaches to the presentation of narrative in the short film, the avant-garde, and the feature-length narrative.

Join us for a viewing of:


dir : Steve Reinke with Jessie Mott
2009 / Canada / 4 min
A collaboration between U.S-based visual artist Jessie Mott who wrote the script and drew the pictures and Bell Canada Prize winning video artist Steve Reinke who animated Mott’s drawings and created the soundtrack. A deer with a unicorn horn, a jackal, a rabbit, a bat and an animal of undetermined species share their feelings of desire and disgust with each other.

Last Call

dir: Nick Corporon
2009 / USA / 18 min
On the way to reconcile with the love of his life, a man dies. An alcoholic, he ends up in purgatory-a bar-where he's given the chance to re-live moments from his life in an effort to get back to falling in love again.

Feature Film


dir: Jack Yuzna
2010 / USA / 88 min

The first American film to ever be awarded the Teddy Jury Prize at the Berlinale Film Festival, OPEN brings together cast of real intersex, pandrogenous, and trans people to create a revealing look at the pioneers of the new human experience, and the emerging possibilities for humanity at the dawn of a new millennium.

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