Do You Recognize This Image?: Summer Archive Student Report

Do you recognize the above image? It is from a "Shower Cap" scene (1979) of an unknown film taking place at Modern Fuel. If you know of its origins, please email us!

A practice in openness and sharing was what this summer was about for our summer student, Kathleen Adams. She was key in the furthering of Modern Fuel’s archival database as Archive Assistant (funded by the Government of Ontario, Ontario Ministry of Culture Summer Experience Program). The archive database is mainly comprised of both images and digital documents from the past. Historical events in Modern Fuel’s history physical are part of Kingston’s recent past, and it is of the utmost importance to share the material with the public.

With the dawn of social media and image sharing websites it has become easier to disseminate the slides of yesteryear. Please check out our ever-growing database of images on Flickr ( The images are up-to-date to the most recent summer programming. With the help of Kathleen and future volunteers Modern Fuel hopes to create a collection of images that will expand back to the birth of the center. These images will soon be joined by video footage. There are dozens of VHS videos in the confines of the center's archives that remain inaccessible to the public. We hope to expand our Vimeo account ( to include more of the archival footage. Finally, Kathleen has transferred over 100 files, VHSs, and DVDs from the center to Queen’s University Archives. These are accessible to the public should they wish to research the center's recent and not so recent past.

If any of our members or non-members has images of receptions, events, installation shots, anecdotes, or other Modern Fuel related happenings, please pass them along to the directors at Modern Fuel. With your help we can create a multi-faceted approach to our local artist-run center.