Modern Fuel offers a half credit student internship each semester in collaboration with Queens University for students in Art History, Fine Art (ARTH 395) and Film Studies (FILM 395). Internships provide a focused opportunity for students to experience multiple facets of the nonprofit contemporary arts environment and offer a practical environment in which students can undertake research and curatorial activities. Students are required to write a report about their experience and are evaluated jointly by the employer and a faculty member from their department.

To Apply:
Please send a letter of interest and a CV to modernfuel@bellnet.ca by September 10th 2011, to be considered for the internship. Once approved by Modern Fuel, all internships must still be approved by the Undergraduate Coordinator. Approval will depend on the quality of the proposal and the academic record of the applicant. Please note we only accept one intern each semester.

For More Information:
Please contact Michael Davidge or Christine Mockett at modernfuel@bellnet.ca