Art Book Love

Art Lovers and Book Lovers Get Together at Modern Fuel

When: Saturday 10 December 2011 from 12 to 5 pm
Where: Modern Fuel Gallery, 21 Queen St., Kingston ON
Admission: Free

Do you love books as much as Modern Fuel does? Not only does Modern Fuel’s latest exhibition “Ordinary Language” prominently feature books in the artworks on display until December 17, but also the gallery will hold a book sale during the afternoon of Saturday 10 December, featuring great used books donated by our members and rare art books, bookworks, and exhibition catalogues from the Nan Yeomans’ Resource Centre archives. The selection will be as eclectic as our membership, from mass produced novels to hand-made labours of love. All the used books will be sold at incredible bargain bin prices.

In addition to the used books up for grabs, Modern Fuel will be selling copies of two new publications associated with our programming. One accompanies a new painting installation by Robert Tombs, a graphic designer and visual artist living in Ottawa, Ontario. “The Morality of Paint: Erfurt Window” is a catalogue produced for Tomb’s Erfurt Window (2008), a painted obfuscation of a communist-era bookstore’s showcase windows in Erfurt, Germany. Erfurt Window is part of Tomb’s ongoing “Morality of Paint” project, which continues at Modern Fuel with his new installation, Empire, which juxtaposes nine unique 1’ x 8’ striped colour-field paintings on canvas with one 1’ x 9’ stripe of gold leaf and tar applied directly on the gallery wall. The exhibition continues until 17 December. The illustrated catalogue, on sale for $15, features a preface by Michael Davidge and an essay by Marina Roy.

That afternoon, it will also be with great pleasure that Modern Fuel will launch its catalogue for Acting Out, Claiming Space, an Aboriginal Performance Art Festival which took place in the spring. In conjunction with the Queen’s Native Students Association’s Aboriginal Awareness Week, Modern Fuel presented four nationally and internationally celebrated Aboriginal performance artists, Terrance Houle, Skeena Reece, Jordan Bennett and Tanya Lukin Linklater at significant sites throughout Kingston and on Queen’s campus. The artists were asked to consider strategies of acting-out and claiming space, and to engage with the question, what constitutes an “Indigenous space?” Their responses have been documented in a catalogue beautifully designed by Vincent Perez, with photographs by Bill Weedmark and an in-depth essay by Daina Warren (Montana Cree) and Carla Taunton, co-curators of the festival. The catalogue will be available for purchase for $10.

Doors will open at 12 noon on Saturday 10 December and will remain open until 5pm. Arrive early so that you can benefit from the best selection and before we run out of books! We will be serving warm, seasonal beverages, so you can take your time and browse, and check out the exhibitions at the same time. Be sure not to miss the artwork by Kyla Mallet, “Have you Experienced the Auric Energy Field?” installed in a window display on Queen Street next to the Modern Fuel entrance. It is printed in UV sensitive ink and can only be read when the sun shines on it. The text is taken from the self-help book How to See and Read the Aura. Maybe you’ll find a paperback copy at our sale. All proceeds will benefit Modern Fuel, a not-for-profit organization that supports emerging artists.

Image: Roula Partheniou, from the "Handmade Readymade" series, 2005-.