UNIBROW: Visitors

Please join us at The Screening Room on Wednesday, May 21 at 7 pm for this month's installment of UNIBROW, featuring the experimental documentary Visitors (2014).

Unibrow is a quasi-monthly film series featuring the most exciting art house cinema from around the world. All films play at The Screening Room (120 Princess Street) at 7 pm, are licensed (19+), and include guest introductory speakers. 


Experimental documentary
Running time: 87 minutes
Rated: NR
Directed by Godfrey Reggio

Synopsis: Thirty years after Koyaanisqatsi, Godfrey Reggio - with the support of Philip Glass and Joe Kane - once again leapfrogs over earth-bound filmmakers and creates another stunning, wordless portrait of modern life. Visitors reveals humanity's trance-like relationship with technology, which, when commandeered by extreme emotional states, produces massive effects far beyond information about the moment in which we live. Comprised of only seventy-four shots, Visitors takes viewers on a journey to the moon and back to confront them with themselves. 

Image: Still from Visitors, 2014