Square Pegs 8- Call for Submissions

We are now accepting submissions for Square Pegs, an annual outdoor free-to-attend screening of experimental video art from Canadian artists organized and curated by Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre. Now in its eighth year, the screening will take place downtown Kingston, Ontario.

All participating artists will be paid, and there is no cost to apply.

Your work must be under 15 minutes in length, and submissions must include your artist's statement and CV. Only works submitted on filmfreeway.com before July 10th will be considered. Your CV must include education, professional training, and artistic experience. You may include these in the additional information section, or by attaching files to your submission.

We welcome submissions from all over the world but preference will be given to those from Canada. While you do not need to be a member of Modern Fuel to apply, note that all members receive 60 hours of free editing time in our New Media Workspace, which can be used to complete your video!

Please send questions to: 
Amelia Rankine, Media and Programming Coordinator