Your Feedback Matters!

Modern Fuel has launched a project to refresh its strategic plan for the next few years, and your input to that conversation would be most welcome. We'd like to thank everyone who participated at our AGM, we gained valuable information from our members as to our direction. In addition to this, we've developed a survey to gain additional feedback from our members and the Kingston community.

Initial discussions have identified a number of important issues to be addressed, including:
  • Mission/Vision: What changes, if any, are needed to our mandate? (To facilitate presentation, interpretation, and production of contemporary visual, time-based and interdisciplinary arts, and meet the professional development needs of emerging and mid-career local, national and international artists from diverse cultural communities.)
  • Relevant Programming/Artistic Direction: What can we do to ensure our programming will be relevant and engaging to a variety of audiences?  Any suggestions to help revitalize or reposition the New Media Workspace?
  • Financial Health: To meet future financial demands and ensure long-term stability, what opportunities should be explored to expand our sources of revenue in a challenging funding environment?
  • Active Support of the Organization: As we pursue our journey, the energetic involvement of volunteers will be essential. How might that be enhanced through better opportunities for engagement, priorities for our energies and tweaks to our identity? Do we offer benefits of real value to members? What steps might support Board development and strengthen our leadership?
  • Strong Outreach: How best might we pursue active engagement of current and new audiences, members, educators, funders, partners and the community? How can we improve public interest, understanding, and appreciation for what we do?

Your views on these and any number of other issues and questions are also welcome. The link to the survey is here: If you include your email you will entered to win a $20 Juniper Cafe gift card!