Recent News

  • Bill Poole comes to Kingston

    Image: Councillor Bill Glover

    March 28 lunch -- “How to put Kingston on the cultural map.”

    To help create an awareness of the need for a cultural policy, and to generate discussion, I am organising a special luncheon on Friday, March 28 at the Confederation Place Hotel. William D. (Bill) Poole, the Executive Director of the Centre for Cultural Management will be the speaker. His topic is “Putting Kingston of the Cultural Map.” Look up Bill and the Centre on the web to learn more. This event is being sponsored by both the Kingston Arts Council and KEDCO.

  • Parallel World Opening Reception

    Image: Michael Davidge as Jack Benny, introducing Boja Vasic and Vessna Perunovich.

    Thank you to all who came out on Saturday to the gallery's latest opening reception.

    If you missed the event, please make sure to check out photos from the Parallel World/All We Leave Behind reception

  • May Tenancy Available at the Artel

    If you live at The Artel, apart from calling it your HOME you'll enjoy:

    • A variety of exhibitions, concerts and performances happening in the main floor multi-purpose space (550 sq.ft), aka your living room. You can choose to participate if you like.
    • Living downtown. The Artel is a 1-minute walk from Wallack's Art Supply, cafés, bookstores, movie theatres, shopping, bars/restaurants, and of course other galleries and theatres.
    • Having artistically-inclined housemates who support your interests and activities.
  • Donkey Skin and Slide Show opening reception

    Thank you to all who came out on Saturday to make the first reception of the year a great success. Artists' talks by two of the Donkey Skin artists, Miya Turnbull and Chantal Rousseau, and the State of Flux's Mark Thompson were well received, and the sense of community in the gallery was wonderfully palpable.

    If you missed the event, please make sure to check out photos from the Donkey Skin/Slide Show reception

  • Art's Birthday

    Everyone here at Modern Fuel encourages our members and the general Kingston population to take a moment on January 17th 2008 to celebrate Art's Birthday . For those of you who are asking, "who is Art", or "what is this supposed to mean?," please read on.....


    "Art's Birthday" is an annual event first proposed in 1963 by French artist Robert Filliou.

  • Modern Fuel welcomes new Board members

    Modern Fuel would like to extend a warm welcome to the newest members of its Board of Directors: Ted Rettig and Anna Elmberg Wright.

    Currently, the organization's Board of Directors is as follows:

    Lisa Visser (acting President)
    Jeff Barbeau (Treasurer)
    Donna-lee Iffla (Secretary)
    Carla Taunton
    Sarah Smith
    Ted Rettig
    Anna Elmberg Wright
    Matt Rogalsky
    Troy Leaman

  • Thank you for all who came out to this year's Art Auction

    Sunday, December 9, 2007, marked Modern Fuel's 25th Annual Art Auction - a fundraiser in support of the gallery.

    We would like to acknowledge the hard work of all our volunteers including the fantastic ambient folk collective the Gertrudes, our exciting auctioneer Sandra Jass, our wonderfully charming MCs, and of course the artists who so generously submitted their work.

    Please check out our Art Auction Photos

  • Art Auction Works

    35. Ayaz Kamani
    Fallen Poppies, Fallen Fortunes
    five 8” x 11” framed works
    Photocopies of found objects
    retail price: $60 *Donation: 100%

    36. S.J. Coates
    Gotta Get Away
    11” x 14”
    Oil on canvas
    retail price: $125 *Donation 100%

    37. Marija Linjacki
    Tilly & Lilly
    6” x 6” x 2”
    Encaustic collage
    retail price: $250

    38. Klaudio Shita
    Kingston City Hall as seen through the S&R Carriageway
    7”x 10.5”
    Stone lithograpy and monotyping
    retail price: $150 *Donation: 100%

    39. Lisa Visser
    Love Will Tear Us Apart

  • Art Auction Works

    1. Alana Kapell
    25” x 25” x 15”
    retail: $600

    2. Verna Vowles
    The Blue Egg
    30” x 22”
    liquid acrylic
    retail price: $900

    3. Bill Weedmark
    Stop on red
    31” x 26”
    framed quad grey carbon pigment inkjet
    retail price: $500

    4. Rebecca Soudant
    Rhetoric on fabric
    74” x 20” x 2
    photo and encaustic
    retail price: $300 *Donation: 100%

    5. Jeremy Mulder
    Princess Towers #1
    acrylic on canvas
    retail price: $475

    6. Jeremy Mulder
    Princess Towers #2
    acrylic on canvas

  • Art Auction Artist Bios

    R.C. Aitken has always lived in Kingston, Ontario. He enjoys working in different mediums, including photography, oil, watercolour and acrylic painting, as well as working in wood and in clay. Aitken has taken several workshops, seminars and classes in different mediums and has taught basic photography courses at different locations within the city. The artist enjoys all four seasons for doing artwork and has an interest in different subject matters. Aitken has traveled extensively throughout Canada, the United States and Great Britian.