Cheap, Fast, and Easy

Reception: Saturday 14 January 2012 @7pm at Modern Fuel Modern Fuel presents, in its State of Flux Gallery, a collection of zines, photographs and recordings by Tim Murphy (Kingston, ON) entitled Cheap, Fast, and Easy. As a writer, musician and photographer, Murphy takes his aesthetic and his inspiration from ‘zines such as BITCH NATION, a publication by Toronto artist/musician/film-maker GB Jones, or OUTPUNK and HOLY TITCLAMPS. A long-standing zinester, Murphy cribbed the cover of the first issue of his NOISE QUEEN from HOMOCORE TORONTO’s summer 1995 issue. Recently taking up photography as part of his practice, he aims to make pictures that look like what you used to get if you photocopied a snapshot on an early Xerox machine – murky black and white. Tim Murphy graduated from Queen’s University in 1989 with a BA in English, and thus became effectively unemployable. Based in Kingston, he has managed various menial tasks throughout the years that have enabled him to continue subverting the dominant paradigm in writing, music and, lately, photography.