Programming: 2010-2012


Nov 30 - Dec 22, 2012
Main Gallery and State of Flux: No Two Alike
Our annual Show and Sale, No Two Alike proudly reflected the dynamic creative strength of our community, and gave viewers a chance to catch up with the latest work of local artists, all while helping to raise funds for the continued success of Modern Fuel.

Oct 12 - Nov 24, 2012
State of Flux: I Can Only Make It Up Once
Artist: Lisa Figge
Modern Fuel presents, in its State of Flux Gallery, a new installation of work and a performance by Kingston artist Lisa Figge titled I Can Only Make It Up Once. Exploring disability as a location of knowledge, Figge makes artworks such as experimental video and puppets to renegotiate the terms of living in a body that is no longer able-bodied. 

Oct 12 - Nov 24, 2012
Main Gallery: Smokin' in the Boy's Room
In the Main Gallery, Modern Fuel presents Smokin’ in the Boys’ Room, a multi-media exhibition curated by Michael Davidge that includes the work of the artists Christopher Arnoldin (Toronto, ON), Jo-Anne Balcaen (Montreal, QC), and Matt Rogalsky (Kingston, ON), each abstracting from rock and roll in their own way. Rogalsky’s “Discipline” focuses on the electric guitar as the iconic instrument of the 20th century and an object of obsession. 

Nov 2 -3, 2012
Installation: Hoi Polloi
Artist: Mike Hansen
Modern Fuel is proud to partner once again with Tone Deaf, Kingston’s annual Festival of Adventurous Sound Performance. Modern Fuel will be hosting a pop-up installation by Toronto artist Mike Hansen during this year’s festival. 

Oct 4, 2012
Video Screening: Monitor 8
Modern Fuel's New Media Workspace and the South Asian Visual Arts Centre (SAVAC), in association with Queen’s Cultural Studies Program, present Monitor 8: New South Asian Short Film and Video, an annual short film and video screening program that showcases new and innovative work by South Asians from Canada and around the world. 

Aug 18, 2012 - Sep 29, 2012
Main Gallery: Variations on Symmetry
Artists: Eliza Au, Ying-Yueh Chuang
Medium: Ceramics, Mixed Media Installation

State of Flux: Take Note
Artists: Christine Dewancker, Maggie Hogan, Alexi Hunter, Donna-lee Iffla, Ian Lyle, Colm MacCool, Sarita Malan, Hayden Maynard, Marney Mcdiarmid, Andrew McLachlan, Kevin Merritt, Chris Miner, Benjamin Nelson, Erika Olson, Chantal Rousseau, Su Sheedy, Scott Wallis, and Kay Wolstenholme. Curated by Don Maynard
Medium: Installation

Aug 15, 2012
Market Square: Square Pegs V
Artists: Lisa Aalders, Amalie Atkins, Mansoor Behnam, Decomposing Pianos (Owen Fernley and Julia Krolik), Erica Eyres, James Greatrex & Brent Nurse, Troy Gronsdahl, Adam Lark, Barbara Meneley, Cheryl Pagurek, and Colin Zipp.
Medium: Video

Jun 23, 2012 - Aug 3, 2012
Main Gallery: Through Thick and Thistle
Artists: Mark Birksted, Shayne Dark, Andrea Graham, Daniel Hughes, JoAnn Ralph, Matt Rogalsky, Joan Scaglione, Heather Smith, Anna Soper and Laurie Sponagle. Curated by Rhiannon Vogl
Medium: Various

State of Flux: White Works / Études en blanc
Artist: Michèle LaRose
Medium: Painting

Jun 14, 2012
Main Gallery: Vapours Concert
Artists: AJ Cornell, Gambletron, and Holzkopf
Medium: Music

Jun 8, 2012
Main Gallery: Artist Talk with Dustin Wilson
Artist: Dustin Wilson
Medium: Artist Talk

May 5, 2012 - Jun 9, 2012
Main Gallery: The Institute for Future Life Regression
Artist: Dustin Wilson
Medium: Multi-media Installation

State of Flux: Edgewise
Artist: Ann Clarke
Medium: Painting Installation

Mar 28, 2012 - Mar 28, 2012
Screening Room: Syphon Launch
Artists: Various
Medium: Printed Matter and Video

Mar 17, 2012 - Apr 14, 2012
Main Gallery: Dead Man's Bay
Artist: Jason Paradis
Medium: Painting Installation

State of Flux: Bits and Pieces
Artist: Chrissy Poitras
Medium: Painting and Drawing

Mar 2, 2012 - Mar 10, 2012
Main Gallery: Modern Fuel Members' Show and Sale
Artists: Michael Amar, Rebecca Anweiler, Tony Barake, Jeffrey Childs, George Clark, Ben Darrah, Shayne Dark and Simon Andrew, Jane Derby, Frank DeSa, Dave Gordon, Claire Grady-Smith, Donna-lee Iffla, Genna Kusch, Michele LaRose, Denise Love, William MacDonnell, Mac McArthur, Pat McDermott, Christine Mockett, Ulrich Panzer, Jocelyn Purdie, Fraser Radford, JoAnn Ralph, Milly Ristvedt, Chantal Rousseau, Morgan Sears-Williams, Andrew Sims, Heather Smith, Laurie Sponagle, Lianne Suggitt, Jane Thelwell, Sharon Thompson, Mark Thompson, J.T. Winik, David Woodward, and Kaethe Yanovsky.
Medium: Various

Mar 1, 2012 - Mar 4, 2012
Offsite: Modern Fuel presents Rachel Kalpana James’ “Borderline”
Artist: Rachel Kalpana James
Medium: Video Installation

Feb 25, 2012
Main Gallery: Vapours Concert
Artists: Hector Centeno, Andrea Jane Cornell, and Matt Rogalsky
Medium: Music

Feb 16, 2012 - Feb 19, 2012
Kulturhuset: Syphon in Stockholm
Artists: Various
Medium: Printed Matter and Video

Jan 14, 2012 - Feb 18, 2012
Main Gallery: Voir Dire
Artist: Tammy McGrath
Medium: Various

State of Flux: Cheap, Fast, and Easy
Artist: Tim Murphy
Medium: Various


Nov 12, 2011 - Dec 17, 2011
Main Gallery: Ordinary Language
Artists: Sarah Greig, Kyla Mallett, Roula Partheniou. Curated by Michael Davidge.
Medium: Various

State of Flux: Empire
Artist: Robert Tombs
Medium: Painting Installation

Nov 5, 2011
Main Gallery: Vapours Concert
Artists: Alcrete, Dreamcatcher, and Disguises
Medium: Music

Oct 29, 2011
Main Gallery: A Video Screening and Artist Talk with Mansoor Behnam
Artist: Mansoor Behnam
Medium: Video

Oct 1, 2011 - Oct 29, 2011
Main Gallery: Correspondences
Artist: Abbas Akhavan
Medium: Various

State of Flux: Solar Flares and Spires
Artist: Michael Amar
Medium: Drawing

Sept 16, 2011
Main Gallery: Vapours Concert
Artists: YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN and Pop Talk
Medium: Music

Aug 17, 2011
Market Square: Square Pegs 4
Artists: Yi Xin Tong, Penny McCann,Pixie Cram, Audio Lodge, Josh Hite, Taien Ng-Chan, Susan Detwiler, Maayke Schurer, Mary Porter, Christine Negus, Rebecca Anweiler.
Medium: Video

Aug 6, 2011 - Sept 10, 2011
Main Gallery: The Rough Edge of Beauty
Artists: Jessica Marion Barr, Mackenzie Browning, Decomposing Pianos (Owen Fernley and Julia Krolik), Frank DeSa, Rebecca Houston, Maayke Schurer, Su Sheedy, Andrew Sims, David Woodward. Curated by Iga Janik
Medium: Various

State of Flux: New Works by Ulrich Panzer
Artist: Ulrich Panzer
Medium: Painting

Jul 28, 2011
Main Gallery: Vapours Concert
Artists: Old Haunt, Sam Shalabi, Reena Katz
Medium: Music

Jun 18, 2011 - Jul 23, 2011
Main Gallery: condolence
Artist: Greg Staats
Medium: Photography, Video

State of Flux: Morning Glory
Artist: Kate Yüksel
Medium: Photography

May 28, 2011
AKA Autonomous Social Centre: Video Surplus/Varied Toil
Artists: Jubal Brown, Ulysses Castellanos, Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby, Nahed Mansour, Jennifer Matotek, Nicole Rayburn, Tasman Richardson, Daniel Wong. Curated by Michael Davidge.
Medium: Video

Apr 30, 2011 - June 4, 2011
Main Gallery: Paleofuturity
Artists: Jason de Haan, Lauren Hall, James K-M, Mac McArthur, Iriz Pääbo, Holly Ward. Curated by Michael Davidge.
Medium: Sculpture, Sound installation, Painting, Photography, Video

State of Flux: Second Life
Artist: Jane Derby
Medium: Mixed Media

Mar 26, 2011 - Apr 23, 2011
Main Gallery: Your face, like a lone nocturnal garden in Worlds where Suns spin round!
Artist: Susy Oliveira
Medium: Sculpture, Photography

State of Flux: 88 Years
Artist: Decomposing Pianos
Medium: Installation

Mar 15, 2010 - Mar 19, 2011
Various locations: Acting Out, Claiming Space
Artists: Jordan Bennett, Terrance Houle, Tanya Lukin Linklater, Skeena Reece. Curated by Carla Taunton, Daina Warren
Medium: Performance Art

Mar 5, 2011
Kingston Canadian Film Festival: Perte de Signal: RESILIENCES
Artists: Jason Arsenault, Nicolas Bernier, Myriam Bessette, Ariane De Blois, Robin Dupuis, Martin Messier, Nelly-Eve Rajotte
Medium: Video

Feb 4, 2011
Market Square: Glide
Artist: Aubrey Reeves
Medium: Video Installation


Nov 13, 2010 - Dec 18, 2010
Main Gallery: Reconnaissance
Artists: William MacDonnell, Todd Tremeer.
Medium: Painting

State of Flux: New Work
Artist: Scott Wallis
Medium: Wallworks

Oct 29, 2010
Main Gallery: Vapours Concert
Artists: Marinko, sealegs
Medium: Music

Oct 28, 2010
Main Gallery: Vapours Concert
Artists: Holzkopf, Freida Abtan
Medium: Music

Sep 18, 2010 - Oct 23, 2010
Main Gallery: Homelands
Artists: Dagmara Genda, Marigold Santos
Medium: Drawing

State of Flux: Sikhing
Artist: Mia Sandhu
Medium: Drawing

Aug 18, 2010
Market Square: Square Pegs 3
Artists: Eugenie Cliché , Kandis Friesen, Becky Ip, Patrick Jenkins, Christophe Jordache, Jessica MacCormack, Blake MacFarlane, Penny McCann, Jocelyn Purdie, Maayke Schurer
Medium: Video

Aug 7, 2010 - Sept 4, 2010
Main Gallery: Summer Make Good
Artists: Suki Falkner, Dave Gordon, Rick Lapointe, Natasha Mazurka, Sean Morris, Maayke Schurer, Svetlana Swinimer, Chris Trimmer, and Kate Yüksel. Curated by Valérie Lamontagne
Medium: Various

State of Flux: Flight
Artist: Genna Kusch
Medium: Printmaking, Installation

June 26, 2010 - July 24, 2010
Main Gallery: FRATERNITY
Artist: Kevin Rodgers
Medium: Sculpture

State of Flux: Watching Paint Dry
Artist: Andrew Sims
Medium: Photography

May 15, 2010 - June 12, 2010
Main Gallery: Never, as Always
Artist: Marcy Adzich
Medium: Sculpture

State of Flux: A Half Hour of Landscape Painting
Artist: Gary Michael Dault
Medium: Painting

May 1, 2010 - May 8, 2010
Artist: Karen Zalamea
Medium: Video

Mar 19, 2010
Grand Theatre: Friday Night Flux
Artists: The Cedar Tavern Singers AKA The Phonoréalistes
Medium: Music, Performance

Feb 27, 2010 - April 3, 2010
Main Gallery: Trial Proofs
Artist: Élène Tremblay
Medium: Photography and Video

State of Flux: The Number of Days
Artists: Carlyn Bezic and Cecily Taylor
Medium: Drawing Installation

Feb 20, 2010
Main Gallery: Vapours Concert
Artists: Esther Bourdages, Lucas Huang
Medium: Music

Feb 17, 2010
Main Gallery: Julie Andrée T. Solo Performance
Artist: Julie Andrée T.
Medium: Performance

Jan 9, 2010 - Feb 13, 2010
Main Gallery: AD HOC
Artists: Noel Bullock, Jocelyn Purdie
Medium: Photography

State of Flux: Untitled Works on Paper
Artist: JoAnn Ralph
Medium: Drawing