Unibrow: Cold Iron Is A Titanic Comedy

Join us at The Screening Room Wednesday, July 30 at 7 PM to see Cold Iron Is A Titanic Comedy as part of the Unibrow Art House Film Series. Following the screening, Director Wesley Rickert will be available for Q&A.

Experimental Drama
Running Time: 72 minutes
Directed by Wesley Rickert

Synopsis: Cold Iron Is A Titanic Comedy is in the genre of digital cinema made by artists for artists, with performance by Istvan Kantor and other Canadian artists. Referencing art history, institutions and mythical characters, this work experiments with fragmentation of narraitve and contains a number of artistic building blocks including elaborate sotumes, stylized movements and absurdist poetry combined to communicate scale, passage, discovery, destruction and rebirth.

Cold Iron Is A Titanic Comedy is being screened at artist-run centres, scnreeing collecties and film festivals across Caanda with the support of artist communities.