Equipment Rental

Equipment Rental Rates (Will be updated shortly) 

Modern Fuel tries to make equipment available for rental to a wide array of individuals, from professionals to students. On account of this, we have a flexible rental rate. Please inquire with your budget and we will help to work within it. 

Panasonic HPX-170 HD 

1/3" 3 Chip HD(1080P 30 Frames/sec) camcorder that stores footage to 32 gig P2 card  


Daily $75  Week $200


Panasonic DVX 100AP 

3 Chip, progressive SD camcorder (24P) shoots to MiniD tape.

Daily $40 Week $100


Panasonic AMQ63 tape ($8 each) (This is the only tape to use in this camera) * SOLD OUT *


Eos Rebel T3 1100D DSLR 

18-55mm Lens , 12 megapixel still,6400 ISO, shoots 720P HD 25/30 frame, Mov (mpeg4) to a 8 and 16 gig SD cards. HDMI out.

Daily $25 Week $75


Sanyo VPC TH1 

720 p in H.264 & MPEG-4, ISO 1600, X30 Optical Zoom.

Daily $15  Week $40


Canon LV-WX300ST Short Throw Projector

Native Resolution: XGA (1280 x 800), Aspect Ratio: 16:10, 3000 Lumens, Throw Distance: 29.1" - 49.9" (short throw)

Canon LV-WX300ST

Daily $40 Week $100


Manfrotto 501HDV/525MVB Tripod

can be rented with any above camera 

Daily $5  Week $15


Lowel DV Creator 55 Lighting Kit 

500W Rifa Softlight, 500W Focusable Omni-light, 250W Focusable Prolight & 750 W Broad Throw Tota-light with stands, barn doors, umbrella & gels

Daily $25 Week $75 


Field Audio Kit 

Sony MD 7506 Headphones, Rolls  MX422 Field Mixer, Azden SGM-2 Shotgun Mic with shock mount & XLR Cables for boom or camcorder. K&M Boom Pole

Daily $20 Week $50


AKG (wireless Lav mic)

Daily$15  Week $40 


Editing Suite

2.5Ghz i5 iMac with Final Cut Pro X. Dual Monitors. 

60 Hours Free with Membership, during gallery hours only.


  • Equipment is only available for rental to Modern Fuel members ($40 a year, $25 Students).
  • In order to rent, members must have working knowledge of the equipment. 
  • All rentals must be prepaid and require a safety deposit. A credit card is required. Members must sign an equipment rental contract (once) and then sign out on a case by case basis before renting any equipment. All rentals subject to approval by Modern Fuel staff. 
  • Late, damaged or dirty equipment will result in forfeiture of some or all of the safety deposit and may incur additional charges which must be paid or no further rental is possible.  

Contact Modern Fuel for more information (613) 548-4883 or