Call for Board of Directors Applications

We are currently accepting applications to join Modern Fuel’s Board of Directors for a 2 year term. The role of board members is to provide stewardship, direction, and assistance to Modern Fuel Artist Run Centre in accordance with Modern Fuel’s mission and mandate.

Roles and Responsibility of Board Members:

  • All members of the Board of Directors must be members of Modern Fuel in good standing as per the Modern Fuel bylaws.
  • Board members are elected by the members at the Annual General, and serve a two year term. The Board, by majority vote, may fill vacancies thereon that occur between Annual General Meetings due to resignation or removal from office of elected directors. Board members cannot serve more than three consecutive terms.
  • Board meetings are currently held once a month. Board members should read the material provided before each meeting (minutes, agenda), and pass on any items to be added to the agenda to the Secretary in a timely manner. According to the bylaws, board members who miss three consecutive board meetings shall be deemed to have resigned from office.
  • Board members are asked to sit on at least two committees*. Committees include: Programming, Fundraising, Finance, Executive, Human Resources, Nominating, Membership/Outreach and Communications.
  • Volunteering in at least one aspect of fundraising (i.e. bingos, sponsorship). As well as being involved in at least two events a year (openings, workshops, screenings) is encouraged.
  • Attending the Annual General Meeting.

* Time commitment can fluctuate between approximately 5-15 hours/month.

Please email with your letter of interest and CV. A nominations committee will review all applications.