Call for Participants: Rebecca Anweiler Animal/Séance

Rebecca Anweiler will be exhibiting her piece Animal/Séance in the State of Flux in July 2017. For this work, she is hoping to collect information from people who wish to provide subjects for an 'experiment' on animal telepathic communication.

"Pejorative colonialist associations and a racist idea of ‘stages’ of development have all but made it impossible for the Westerner to imagine the idea of animals, among other natural formations and entities, as having consciousness, and yet millennium of spiritual practice are built on this belief involving a very different relationship to the natural world. [Anweiler's] project is part of an anti-colonialist and anti-anthropocentric effort to challenge these dismissals. [She] will not be taking an ironic or satirical approach to the theme of telepathic communication and [means] to use all participants’ information and photos of their animal companions in a respectful way."

If you would like to participate, please click here to fill out the following form with the requested information and photo release, and return it along with a good quality digital image of your animal companion. 

*Submissions will be accepted until January 15, 2017*