Programming: 2000-2009


Dec 5, 2009 - Jan 12, 2010
Off-site: Wishes, Lies, and Dreams in the Project Room
Artists: Sarawut Chutiwongpeti
Medium: Installation

Dec 2, 2009
Main Gallery: Artist Talk with Sarawut Chutiwongpeti
Artist: Sarawut Chutiwongpeti
Medium: Artist Talk

Nov 14, 2009 - Dec 12, 2009
Main Gallery: Storytellings
Artists: Lucy Chan, Peter Kingstone
Medium: Video Installation

Oct 23, 2009 - Oct 31, 2009
Tone Deaf: Tone Deaf 8
Artists: Nicolas Collins, Ben Manley, Alvin Lucier
Medium: Various

Sept 19, 2009 - Oct 17, 2009
Main Gallery: Chronotopic Village
Artists: Kevin Lee Burton, Thirza Cuthand, Cheryl L'Hirondelle, Nadia Myre and Darlene Naponse
Medium: Video Installation

State of Flux: Dream Temples
Artists: Anna Elmberg Wright
Medium: Scupture, Mixed Media

Sept 24, 2009
Art in the Streets: Voice Off: Screening in the Square
Artists: Sarah DeCarlo, Bear Thomas
Medium: Video

Sept. 12, 2009
Performance: Vapours Concert: Sun Ra to Sun O)))
Artists: Craig Leonard
Medium: Performance

Aug 8, 2009 - Sept 5, 2009
Main Gallery: 11th Annual Regional Juried Exhibition
Artists: Rebecca Anweiler, Caitlin Erskine-Smith, Michèle LaRose, Gillian Little, Sean Morris, Melinda Richka, Laurie Sponagle, Tamara Sponder, Paulette Sauvé, Harry Symons, and Cecily Taylor.
Curator: Steven Loft
Medium: Various

State of Flux: Face Cave
Artists: Amy Uyeda, Aly Ogasian
Medium: Sculpture, Mixed Media

Aug 28, 2009
Performance: The New Queens' U.
Artists: Stefan St-Laurent, Mikiki
Medium: Performance

Aug 19, 2009
Art in the Streets: Square Pegs 2
Artists: L. Ashwyn Collins, Celeste Fichter, Nathaniel Sullivan, Holly Rodricks, Cheryl Pagurek, Kate Yuksel, Nubuo Kubota, Claire Hodge, Brandon Blommaert
Medium: Video

Jul 30, 2009 - Jul 31, 2009
Music: Vapours Concert ft. False Face and The Famines
Artists: False Face, The Famines
Medium: Performance

June 20 – July 25, 2009
Main Gallery: Sadderday Night
Artists: Mike Murphy, Anders Oinonen
Medium: Multi-media installation

State of Flux: Hair Pieces
Artist: Sharon Thompson
Medium: Painting

Jun 20, 2009
Music: Vapours Concert: Clock Din performs "Sadderday Night"
Artist: clock din sound system
Medium: Performance

May 8, 2009
Main Gallery: Emergence/Resistance: Themes, Work and Artists from the Havana Biennial
Presenter: Dannys Montes de Oca Moreda
Medium: Curator's Talk

May 2 – June 6, 2009
Main Gallery: Transactions of the Eye
Artists: Harold Coego
Medium: Drawing

State of Flux: Shifting Light
Artist: Elisa Paloschi
Medium: Photography

Mar. 7 – Apr. 11, 2009
Main Gallery: Wind from the East
Artists: Jing Yuan Huang, Jerry Ropson
Medium: Drawing

State of Flux: Muted Landscapes
Artist: Marija Hamed
Medium: Encaustic collage

Mar 7, 2009
Main Gallery: The (x) Music Conference
Artist: Debashis Sinha
Medium: Music

Feb 21, 2009
Main Gallery: Opening Up the Box with Christopher Flower
Artist: Christopher Flower
Medium: Artist Talk

Jan. 17 - Feb. 21, 2009
Main Gallery: Thinking Inside the Box
Artist: Christopher Flower
Medium: Video

State of Flux: The History(s) of Canada
Artists: Jim McCollough, Rebecca Soudant
Medium: Sculptural installation


Nov 29, 2008
Main Gallery: Robert Linsley on Abstraction and Art
Artist: Robert Linsley
Medium: Artist Talk

Nov. 8 – Dec. 13, 2008
Main Gallery: Soft Abs
Artists: Miranda Aschenbrenner, Melanie Authier, Christine Baigent, Milly Ristvedt
Medium: Painting

State of Flux: Full Colour Hype
Artist: Benjamin Nelson
Medium: screenprinting

Oct. 20 – 26, 2008
Main Gallery: TONE DEAF 7
Artists: Jo-anne Balcaen, Brian Joseph Davis, Steven Laurie
Curator: Michael Davidge
Medium: Various

Oct. 19, 2008
Main Gallery: Vapours Concert
Artists: Europe in Colour, Maylee and Slipper
Medium: Music

Sept. 27 – Sept. 29, 2008
Art in the Streets: Between Barrios: Rene Francisco and the Art of Social Insertion
Artist: Rene Francisco
Medium: Social Insertion

Sept. 13 – Oct. 18, 2008
Main Gallery: Forest Station
Artists: David Ross, Yvette Poorter.
Medium: Various

Sept 9 – Sept 12, 2008
Off-site: Knock on Woods in Kingston: Artel Backyard Residency
Artists: Anna Elmberg-Wright, Lisa Figge, Sandra Jass, Bruce Kauffman, Rebecca Soudant
Medium: Various

Aug 13, 2008
Market Square: Square Pegs
Artists: Clint Enns, Andrew Eyman, Jeanette Louie, Jessica MacCormack, Christine Negus, Ryan Stec, Leslie Supnet, Catherine Toews.
Medium: Video

Aug. 2 – Sept. 6, 2008
Main Gallery: Infra-Ordinary
Artists: Christine D’Onofrio, Toni Hafkenscheid, Dave Kemp, Preston Schiedel, Colin Zipp
Medium: Photography, Video

State of Flux: Static
Artist: Steve Coates
Medium: Digital Photography

Aug 2 - Aug 2, 2008
Art in the Streets: Taken
Artist: Dave Kemp
Medium: Mobile Camera Obscura

June 14 - July 19, 2008
Main Gallery: Throwing Tomatoes at the Sky: 10th Regional Juried Exhibition
Artists: James Greatrex, Dorene Inglis, Troy Leaman, Benjamin Nelson, Aly Ogasian, Gjen Snider, Rebecca Soudant, Amy Uyeda and Rafaela Vidinha
Curator: Camilla Singh
Medium: Various

State of Flux: Façade
Artist: Lynne Wynick
Medium: Photographic installation

Jun 7, 2008
Art in the Streets: Buffalo Boy's "Do Not Feel the Buffalo: Moving Camp"
Artist: Adrian Stimson. Curated by Ryan Rice
Medium: Performance

May 31, 2008
Main Gallery: Re-Decentering: Writing the History of Artist-Run Culture
Panelists: Vincent Bonin, Clive Robertson, and Robert Labossière. Moderated by Michael Davidge.
Medium: Conference

May 3 - June 7, 2008
Main Gallery: One-Dimensional Space
Artists: Leigh Mayoh, Melanie McDonald, June Pak and Kathleen Ritter and James B. Maxwell
Medium: Painting, drawing, photography, sound installation

State of Flux: We Know Where We Are
Artist: Julia Mensink and Lisa Visser
Medium: Video installation

April 12, 2008
Main Gallery: Parallel Worlds? Panel Presentation
Panelists: Richard Day, Scott Lyall, Erin Morton. Moderated by Michael Davidge.
Medium: Conference

Mar. 15 - April 19, 2008
Main Gallery: Parallel World: The Architecture of Survival
Artists: Vessna Perunovich and Boja Vasic
Medium: photography, video and sculptural installation

State of Flux: All We Leave Behind
Artist: Nathan McNinch
Medium: sound installation

Jan. 12 - Mar. 1, 2008
Main Gallery: Donkey Skin
Artists: Farhheen HaQ, Heather Passmore, Chantal Rousseau, and Miya Turnbull
Medium: video installation

State of Flux: Slide Show
Artist: Mark Thompson
Medium: mixed media


November 24th-27th 2007

Tone Deaf A Festival of Adventurous Sound Performance
Artists: Peter Courtemanche, Anne Bourne, Sarah Peebles, David Sait, Nancy Tobin, Doug Tielli, The Lollipop People, Gary Rasberry, Teilhard Frost, Paul Saulnier, Owen Fernley

November 13th - December 15th 2007

Main Gallery: Instances: 30 Years of Modern Fuel and the K.A.A.I.
Curators: Michael Davidge and Brittany Wray
Canadian Hearing Society staff: Debbie Hurry, Kym Watson
Braille provided by: Catherine Sullivan
Interviews conducted with: Jeff Childs, Joseph Babcock, May Chan, Julie Fiala, Dave Gordon, Bruce Grenville, Sandra Jass, Alana Kapell, Troy Leaman, Jocelyn Purdie, Bill Roff, Aida Sulcs, Lisa Visser, Gjen Snider, Jan Winton and Lenni Workman.

State of Flux: That 80's Show!
1980s cable television production series "Artwaves" and "K.A.A.Eye"

October 2nd, 2007
Agnes Etherington Art Centre: Revisions/Reversals Panel Presentation
Panelists: Liz Barron, Kent Monkman, Ryan Rice. Moderated by Carla Taunton.
Medium: Conference

October 2nd - November 10th 2007

Main Gallery: Cyborg Hybrids
Artist: KC Adams
Medium: photography

State of Flux: Someone Else's Scenery
Artist: Ayaz Kamani
Medium: video and sculpture

August 22nd-September 29th 2007

Main Gallery: State Greetings
Curator: Gjen Snider
Artists: Robert Jelinek, Mark Prier
Medium: Off-site Performance, Installation

August 1st-22nd 2007

Artel Residency: Isabel's Antidote
Artist: Jessica McCormack
Medium: Video, Collaboration

June 13th- July 21st 2007

Main Gallery: Post-Camp
Artists: Ben Darrah and Shelly Bahl
Medium: Painting, Installation, Photography

State of Flux: A Year in Shanghai
Artist: Dave Gordon
Medium: Watercolours

April 9th- May 19th 2007

Main Gallery: 9th Regional Exhibition
Artists: Lisa Figge, James Greatrex, Michele LaRose, Jeremy Mulder, Miriam Netten, Elisa Paloschi, Daniel Pereira, Francis Pratt, Rebecca Soudant, and Irina Skvortsova
Curator: Ulysses Castellanos
Medium: Various

State of Flux: Salon des Videos
Artist: Ashleigh Larratt, Breean Hougesen, Maayke Schurer, Talie Shalmon
Medium: Video

February 21st- March 31st 2007

Main Gallery: The New American Century Project
Artist: Tobey C. Anderson
Medium: Painting

State of Flux: Portraits of War: a work in progress
Artist: Maggie Burjorjee
Medium: Painting

January 10th- February 17th 2007

Main Gallery: Then + Then Again: Practices Within An Artist-Run Culture 1969-2006
Artist: Clive Robertson
Medium: Retrospective


October 25th- December 5th 2006

Main Gallery: Fish, Water, Lilies, Rice
Artist: Erika Olson
Medium: Sculptural installation

State of Flux: Traces of Tea - Broken Vessels
Artist: Julian Haladyn
Medium: Digital Photography

July 19th- September 13th 2006

Main Gallery: Playing on the 401
Artist: Darren Copeland
Medium: Sound Installation

State of Flux: Suffering, Contained 
Artist: Miriam Jordan
Medium: Wax Sculpture

June 7th- July 15th 2006

Main Gallery: Tween Heart and Mine
Curators: Bill Weedmark, Gjen Snider
Artists: Sara Angelucci, Danny Custodio, Adad Hannah, Ashleigh Larrett, Jennifer Long
Medium: Video

State of Flux: Traversing Tableaux
Curator: Emilie Allen
Artists: Darryl Bank, Benjamin Bellas, Ken Burn, Zoran Dragelj, Ayaz Kamani, Bitsy Knox, Helene Lefebvre, Patricia Reed, Sarah E.K. Smith, Neill Alistar Stewart, Nick Tobler
Medium: Video

May 3rd- June 3rd 2006

Main Gallery: 8th Regional Juried Exhibition
Curator: Nell Tenhaaf
Artists: James Hanley, Ann Clarke, Su Sheedy, Lindsay Fisher, Ashleigh Larrett, Bill Weedmark, Martine Bresson, Maggie Hogan, Sandra Jass, Jennifer Roche, Mischka Hunter, Devon DeRose, May Chan, Sarah Smith, Vincent Perez
Medium: Various

March 15th- April 22nd 2006

Main Gallery: Once Removed
Curator: Gjen Snider
Artists: Gail Bourgeois, Linda Carreiro, Lindsay Fisher, Kristiina Lahde, Darren Wershler-Henry, Deborah Margo
Medium: Various

State of Flux: Toy Soldiers
Artist: Jill Johnson
Medium: Drawings

January 11th- February 18th 2006

Main Gallery: Disconnected
Curators: Vince Perez, Lindsay Fisher
Artists: Allison Brown, Briony Carros, Emmy Eskensved, Jason de Haan, Jeanne Ju, Michael McCormack, Emily Rothwell, Adair Rounthwatie, Nadya Syej, Lisa Visser
Medium: Various

State of Flux: Fight Me!
Artist: Devon DeRose
Medium: Painting


October 19th- November 19th 2005
Main Gallery: Contemporary Obsolescence
Artist: Peter Conlin
Medium: Installation with Found Objects

State of Flux: Win a Glorious Getaway to Factory No. 2!
Artist: Clea Haugo
Medium: Painting and Collage

August 24th-September 24th 2005
Main Gallery: Disquiet
Curator: Christof Migone
Artists: Afshin Matlabi, Dave Dyment, Matt Rogalsky, Diane Morin, Steve Bates and Jake Moore, Robert Bean
Medium: Video, Audio, Installation

State of Flux: My Father
Artist: May Chan
Medium: Bookworks, poetry, video, constructed objects

July 6th-August 13th 2005
Main Gallery: Other Conditions
Artist: Daniel Olson
Medium: Video, sound exhibition

State of Flux: Loud Silence
Artist: Yuka Yamaguchi
Medium: Photography

June 8th-July 2nd 2005
Main Gallery: ARChives
Artist: Craig Leonard
Medium: Archival Material

April 27th-May 28th 2005
Main Gallery: 7th Regional Juried Exhibition
Curator: Andy Fabo
Artists: Simon Andrew, Rebecca Anweiler, Kyle Bishop, Ben Darrah, Lindsay Fisher, Dave Gordon, Maggie Hogan, Samantha Mogelonsky, Share Share Collective, Su Sheedy, Gabrielle Kilian Sims, Julie Davidson Smith, Aida Sulcs, Phil Taylor, Bill Weedmark
Medium: Various

April 1st-17th 2005
State of Flux: The Kingston Public
Curators: Lindsay Fisher, Vince Perez
Artists: Various
Medium: Bookart and Miscellenea

February 23rd-March 26th 2005
Main Gallery: Suit of Armour
Artists: Camille Turner and Nancy Paterson
Medium: Video

State of Flux: The Davis Tannery Reconsidered: Deriving Meaning from Kingston’s Brownfields
Artist: Alan Wilkinson
Medium: Photography

January 5th-February 9th 2005
Main Gallery: Alian
Artist: Kyle Bishop
Medium: an exhibition of new work mascarading as a retrospective of Carr Harris

State of Flux: Grey Matter Grey Space
Artist: Alex Goodfellow
Medium: Installation


October 27th-November 27th 2004
Main Gallery: Daily Papers - Visual Diary of a Radio Junkie
Artist: Julie Withrow
Medium: Mixed Media

October 23rd-November 22nd 2004
State of Flux: Abandonment: a visual and auditory exploration of places, things, and times past
Artist: Bill Weedmark
Medium: Installation

September 22nd-October 6th 2004
State of Flux: Lines and Curves
Artist: R.C. Aitken
Medium: Photography

August 25th- October 2nd 2004
Main Gallery:Fabria Samsami
Artist: Fariba Samsami
Medium: Mixed Media

State of Flux: Angels’ Tears
Artist: Robert Watson
Medium: Installation

August 4th- 14th 2004
State of Flux: A Year After Hong Kong, S.A.R.S.
Artist: May Chan
Medium: Installation

July 14th-August 14th 2004
Main Gallery: Natural Acts
Artists: Rebecca Anweiler and York Lethbridge
Medium: Painting

July 14th-31st 2004
State of Flux: Dressed-up Illusions
Curator: Devon DeRose
Artists: Andrea Doggett, Katherine Higgins, Dorthy Preditis, Jill Battson
Medium: Video

May 28th-June 26th 2004
Main Gallery: Forms of Address/Undress
Artists: Koren Bellman and Marisa Portolese
Medium: Print, Painting

State of Flux: Before/After
Artist: Lindsay Fisher
Medium: Video

April 24th-May 24th 2004
Main Gallery: 6th Regional Juried Exhibition
Artists: Bill Weedmark, Keith Skelton, Sean Morris, York Lethbridge, Matt Rogalsky, Jennifer Roche, Wendy Cain, Lindsay Fisher, Jan Allen, Julie Davidson Smith, Ben Darrah, Kyle Bishop
Medium: Various

March 17th- April 3rd 2004
State of Flux: The BatChic Stories
Artist: Debra Hetherington Day
Medium: Mixed-Media (found materials, painting, calligraphy, drawing, sculpture)

February 13th- March 27th 2004
Main Gallery: Soft and Fuzzy
Artists: Cindy Baker, Elisabeth Belliveau
Medium: Mixed Media (craft)

February 13th- March 13th 2004
State of Flux: Curiousplay
Artist: Lee-Ann Taras
Medium: Painting

January 2nd- Feb 7th 2004
Main Gallery: Write Me a Letter
Aritst: Christos Pantieras
Medium: Installation


December 31st 2003-January 24th 2004
State of Flux: Landscape Paintings and Drawings
Artist: Alex Jack
Medium: Painting, Drawing

December 3rd-13th 2004
Main Gallery: En ce moments meme: Light-Paint-Gesture
Curator: Catherine Dhavernas
Artist: Marko Duricic
Medium: Painting

October 23rd-November 22nd 2004
Main Gallery: Self Portrait Chimera
Artist: Ted Heibert
Medium: Digital Prints

August 20th-September 20th 2003
Main Gallery: …falls the shadow
Artists: Rebecca Soudant, Tristan Adams
Medium: Painting and Sculpture

August 27th-September 20th 2003
State of Flux: in/appropriate/d others
Artist: Claire Eckert
Medium: Installation

July 11th-August 14th 2003
Main Gallery: Double Take
Artists: Scott Wallis, Daniel Schneider
Medium: Sculpture

July 31st-August 23rd 2003
State of Flux: SARS, Hong Kong 2003
Artist: May Chan
Medium: Installation of bookworks, daily objects and seal-script paintings

July 2nd-26th 2003
State of Flux: The End and Other New Beginnings
Artist: York Lethbridge
Medium: Painting

June 5th-July 5th
Main Gallery: A Child’s Garden of Worms
Artist: Tamara Stone
Medium: Sculpture

June 5th- 28th 2003 
State of Flux: Overcome
Artist: Linda Williams
Medium: Installation

April 30th- May 31st 2003
Main Gallery: 5th Regional Juried Exhibition
Curator: Bryne McLaughlin
Artists: Shayne Dark, Allan Dickson, Margaret Lock, Simon Andrew, Deborah Washington, Dave Gordon, Martine Bresson, Bill Weedmark, Sean Morris, Jan Allen, Sandra Jass, Scott Wallis, Julie Davidson Smith, Jeffrey B. Childs
Medium: Various

April 2nd-17th 2003
Main Gallery: Perfect Imperfect:British Properties
Artists: Chloe Steele, Matt Rogalsky
Medium: Projection, Audio Installation

State of Flux: Distribution
Artist: Vanathy Ganesharajah, Christine Kim
Medium: Video

February 20th- March 29th 2003
Artist: Deanne Achong
Medium: Installation

State of Flux: apparatus and method/appareil et methode (Odette Vioget)
Artist: Craig Leonard
Medium: Archiving


April 4th-27th 2002
State of Flux: Of Life Of Line
Artist: Mary-Lou Ashton
Medium: Painting

March 7th - 30th 2002
State of Flux: Still Life…Figuratively Speaking
Artist: Mary Lou Jaansalu

February 21st-April 13th 2002
Main Gallery: Winged Words
Artist: Louise Prescott
Medium: Pictoral Installation

February 21st - March 2nd 2002
State of Flux: Rebirth
Artist: Rob Watson

January 24th - February 16th 2002
State of Flux: Small Space Big Places
Artist: Keith Skelton
Medium: Photography

January 3rd - 19th 2002
State of Flux: Fracture & Fusion
Artist: Lee Ann Taras

January 2nd-February 16th 2002
Main Gallery: 4th Regional Juried Exhibition
Curator: Leslie Reid
Artists: Tristan Adams, Simon Andrew, David Bird, Jillian Booth, Mark Bovey, May Chan, Shayne Dark, Julie Davidson Smith, Dave Gordon, Ian Hodkinson, Daniel Hughes, Mark l’Anson, Alex Jack, Michael Maile, Don Maynard, Erika Olson, Evelyn Rapin, Milly Ristvedt, Gabrielle Sims, Aida Sulcs, Otis Tamasauskas, Sharon Thompson, Trudi van der Elsen, Scott Wallis, J.T. Winik, Julie Withrow, Kay Wolsenholme
Medium: Various


November 22nd-December 8th 2001
State of Flux: Bilingual: Chinese and English in Hong Kong
Artist: May Chan

November 7th-17th 2001
Main Gallery: Art Auction Exhibition
Artists: Various
Medium: Various

November 19th-December 8th 2001 
Main Gallery: Art in Situ
Artists: Scott Wallis, Pat McDermott, Mark l’Anson
Medium: Art creation project

October 11th-27th 2001
State of Flux: Of Earth and Sky
Artist: Julie Withrow

September 13th-November 3rd 2001
Main Gallery: Image et Poesie
Artist: La Gaan
Medium: Scultural Installation

September 13th-October 6th 
State of Flux: Watercuts
Artist: Judy Springer

August 2nd-25th 2001
State of Flux: Coffee & Kleenex
Artist: Eric Steenbergen

July 5th-August 25th 2001
Main Gallery: Traces
Artist: Kevin Fraser
Medium: Painting

July 5th-28th 2001
State of Flux: Contingency
Artist: Rose Stewart

May 17th-June 20th 2001
Main Gallery: Body Language
Artists: Bonnie Lewis, Daniel Erban

May 26th-June 23rd 2001
State of Flux: Simple Landscapes
Artist: Joan Weir

April 5th-May 12th 2001
Main Gallery:Balance
Artists: Lynn Carter
Medium: Sculpture, Installation

April 5th-21st 2001
State of Flux: Dark Ground
Artists: Various
Medium: Various

March 15th-March 31st 2001
State of Flux: Night Visions
Artist: Reilly Stares

February 22nd-March 10th 2001
State of Flux: Landscape Drawings
Artist: Alex Jack
Medium: Drawing

February 8th-February 17th 2001
State of Flux: Points of Departure
Artist: Milly Ristvedt

January 11th-February 3rd 2001
State of Flux: New Paintings
Artist: Trudi Van Der Elsen
Medium: Painting


November 23rd-December 16th 2000
State of Flux: Diversity of Expression
Artist: Sharon Nelson

November 2nd-December 16th 2000
Main Gallery: Minescapes
Artist: Suzanne Nacha

November 2nd-November 18th 2000
State of Flux:Fusion of Texture and Colour
Artist: Robert Downey

October 18th-28th 2000
Main Gallery: 18th Annual Art Auction Exhibition
Artists: Various
Medium: Various

September 7th-October 14th 2000 
Main Gallery: One Moment Please
Artist: Sharon Thompson

September 21st-October 7th 2000
State of Flux: Fall Colours
Artist: Max Fund

Other Events

Playrisque Theatre Company
Director: Jessica Rovito
Cast: Phil Borg, Joanne Williams, Chris New

March 2002
Cargo Kulture poetry Prose
Artists: Mary Luise Soutar-Hynes, Tara Kainer, Elizabeth Greene
Medium: Literary Series