Programming: 1980-1989


November 9th-30th 1989
Main Gallery: Akira Yoshikawa: Recent Work
Artist: Akira Yoshikawa
Medium: Sculptural Installation

October 5th-26th 1989
Main Gallery: Another Logic
Artist: Ken Blackburn
Medium: Sculptural Installation

September 7th-29th 1989
Main Gallery: Oil & Water: Painted Constructions
Artist: Maureen Pax
Medium: Painting

August: Gallery closed

July 6th- 1990
Main Gallery: Flights of Fancy
Artist: Linda Kennedy
Medium: Painting

June 1st – 29th 1990
Main Gallery: Halfway House
Artist: John McCartney
Medium: Sculptural Installation

May 4th-26th 1989
Main Gallery: Pasages D’Eau and Sculpture et Dessin
Artists: Helene Lord, Claire Savoie
Medium: Sculpture

April 8th- 28th 1990
Main Gallery: Preysages
Artist: Mireille Perron
Medium: Sculptural Installation

March 1st-24th 1989
Main Gallery: All the Work That’s To Be Done: Units 1,2 and 3
Artist: Robert Wiens
Medium: Sculpture

February 4th-24th 1989
Main Gallery: Reversals
Artist: Paul Couillard
Medium: Installation/Performance

January 7th-27th 1989
Main Gallery: Another Grey Area
Artist: John Atkinson
Medium: Installation


December 9th-23rd 1988
Main Gallery: Lucinda Luvaas
Artist: Lucinda Luvaas
Medium: Painting

November 2nd-25th 1988
Main Gallery: Nature Paintings
Artist: Rae Johnson
Medium: Painting

October 6th-27th 1988
Main Gallery: Printed Matter Beyond My Time Frame
Coordinator: Gerhard Harpe
Artists: Rhoda Rosenfeld, David Bobier, Harold Klunder, Richaed Yates, Dane Steeves, E. Ann Bowman, Gabriel Routhier, Karen Trask, Marthineau Carmelle, Joseph Muscat, Daniel Dingler, Sue-Ellen Gerritsen, Michael L.C. Kennedy, Jane Gregorius, Wendy Cain, Steven Dixon, Keith Howard, Lorna Livey, Vera Greenwood, B. Smylie, Felicity Redgrave, Richard Toms, Diana Birkenheir, Janice Truss, Moira Clark, Peter Hodkinson, Gunhild Hotte
Medium: Print

September 6th-30th 1988
Main Gallery: The Last Place on Earth
Artist: Jeff Childs
Medium: Site-Specific Installation

August: Gallery Closed

July 5th-29th 1988
Main Gallery: Ann Grant “Photo Objects”
Artist: Ann Grant
Medium: 3-Dimentional Photographic Works

June 1st-25th 1988
Main Gallery: Voices of Freedom
Curator: Kelly Dickeson
Artists: Yeshe Rosselter, Jane Brooks, Sylvat Aziz

May 7th-28th 1988
Main Gallery: New York
Artists: Gunhild Hotte, Bev Monk
Medium: Mixed-Media

April 9th-30th 1988
Main Gallery: An Obscure Sense of Possible Sublimity
Artist: Janet Cardiff
Medium: Installation

March 5th-26th 1988
Main Gallery: Vision
Artist: Anne-Marie Emond
Medium: Installation

February 6th-27th 1988
Main Gallery: Drawings and Paintings: the Changing Face of Things
Artist: Colette Laliberte
Medium: Drawing, Painting

January 9th-29th 1988
Main Gallery: Bound & Cut Sacrament
Artist: Peter Gibson
Medium: Site-Specific Installation


December 3rd-19th 1987
Main Gallery: Intro Extra Versions
Artists: Sylvie Velanger, Ginette Legare

November 4th-21st 1987
Main Gallery: Hollywood Kisses (with Dick and Jane)
Artist: Sylvia Bews-Wright
Medium: Mixed-Media

October 7th-29th 1987
Main Gallery: Eating Virtue
Artist: Elizabeth MacKenzine
Medium: Installation

September 3rd- 26th 1987
Main Gallery: New Paintings
Artist: Will Gorlitz
Medium: Painting

June 5th-27th 1987
Main Gallery: Owen Ford
Artist: Owen Ford

May 5th- 29th 1987
Main Gallery: New Work
Artist: Diane Landry
Medium: Installation

April 5ht- 1987
Main Gallery: Regional Juried Exhibition
Artists: Various
Medium: Various

March 6th-28th 1987
Main Gallery: Canadian Holography in Kingston
Curator: Joanne Marion
Artists: Various
Medium: Holography

February 3rd-28th 1987
Main Gallery: David Reid
Artist: David Reid

January 6th-31st 1987
Main Gallery: Recent Paintings & Collage
Artist: Hilda Oomen
Medium: Painting, Collage


December 2nd-31st 1986
Main Gallery: Douglas Kirton
Artist: Douglas Kirton

November 4th-29th 1986
Main Gallery: Emerging Ideas
Artists: John Atkinson, Therese Bedard, Kevin Benson, Nicole Doucet, Miguel Barlanga, Calere Boudreau, Marguerite Dehler, Diane Woodward, Clude Philippe Benoit, Johanne Fleury, Kate McGregor, Marie Jean Musiol
Medium: Various

October 7th-25th 1986
Main Gallery: Subjects of the Artist…Traditional Themes
Curator: David Bierk
Artists: Peter Barron, Marilyn Brandon, Dan Breakspear, Darcy Clark, Elsa Christensen-Pate, Lena Daling, Gray Fraser, Spencer Harrison, Erik Loder, Joe Lewis, Chris MacGee, Mel McGirl, Jeanne McRight, P.S. Moore, Norma Patuelli, Clive Powsey, George Raab, Dan Sharp, Susan E. Spenceley, Hartley Stephenson, Sharon Thorne, Dennis Tourbin, Harvey Volaine, Pepter Wilde, Catherine Yeomans
Medium: Painting

September 5th-October 5th 1986
Main Gallery: Kingston Group Exhibition
Artists: Buff, Charo, Dhaliwal, Gordon, Harvey, Lynch, Milligan, Pfliger, Schwartz, Tamasauskas, Workman
Medium: Various

June 7th-June 29th 1986
Main Gallery: Collected Images
Artists: Anne Freeman, Timothey Noonman
Medium: Painting

May 3rd-30th 1986
Main Gallery: Recent Work on Paper
Artist: Terry Emrick
Medium: Print

April 4th-26th 1986
Main Gallery: William Zeissler: A Retro Spective
Artist: William Zeissler
Medium: Painting


January 5th-26th 1985
Main Gallery: Sylvie Belanger
Artist: Sylvie Belanger
Medium: Site-Specific Installation

March 1985
Main Gallery: May Chan
Artist: May Chan

April 3rd- 27th 1985
Main Gallery: Three Ways to Paint
Artists: Paul Collins, Gary MacLeod, Peter Stephens
Medium: Painting

June 5th-29th 1985
Main Gallery: Michael Fernandes
Artist: Michael Fernandes
Medium: Multi-Media Installation

July 20th -28th 1985
Main Gallery: Juried Exhibition of Women’s Art
Artists: Various
Medium: Various

September 6th-28th 1985
Main Gallery: Afro-Jamaican Fabrics
Artist: Winsom

October 8th-26th 1985
Main Gallery: Caring/Curing: Women and Medicine
Artist: Barbara Lounder
Medium: Installation

November 5th-29th 1985
Main Gallery: New Works by David Luksha
Artist: David Luksha
Medium: Painting


December 11th-22nd 1984
Main Gallery: 6th Annual Open and Unjuried Members Exhibition
Artists: Various
Medium: Various

November 1st-29th 1984
Main Gallery: Wendy Coad
Artist: Wendy Coad
Medium: Painting

September 1st-29th 1984
Main Gallery: In Three Parts
Artist: Danica Jojich
Medium: Installlation

August 3rd-August 23rd 1984
Main Gallery: Canadian Guild
Artist: Jim Miller
Medium: Installation

June 2nd-27th 1984
Main Gallery: Recent Work
Artist: Jeff Schwartz
Medium: Painting

May 4th-26th 1984
Main Gallery: Recent Paintings
Artist: Dennis Geden
Medium: Painting

April 3rd-28th 1984
Main Gallery: Blades of Grass
Artist: Patrick Mabey
Medium: Painting

March 17th-24th 1984
Main Gallery: Silent Voice Project
Artist: Karl Ciesluk
Medium: Installation

February 4th-24th 1984
Main Gallery: A Change in the Weather
Artist: Sarindar Dhaliwal, Brian Milligan
Medium: Painting

January 6th-28th 1984
Main Gallery: North of 60
Artist: Heather O’Hagan
Medium: Drawing, Photography, Scripts, Sound


November 8th-26th 1983
Main Gallery: Behind the Screens “Five Theatrical Pieces”
Artist: Ditty Schrey-van Tol
Medium: Multi-Media Installation

October 5th-28th 1983
Main Gallery: Recent Works 1982 & 1983
Artist: Judith Huntress Allsopp
Medium: Painting, Drawing

September 6th-October 1st 1983
Main Gallery: Word/Object
Artist: John Kamevaar
Medium: Mixed-Media

August 16th-September 3rd 1983
Main Gallery: Ken Dollar
Artist: Ken Dollar
Medium: Drawing

August 8th-14th 1983
Main Gallery: Women’s Art Exhibition
Artists: Various
Medium: Various

June 7th-30th 1983
Main Gallery: Haloid Prints
Artist: Kristina Pikunas
Medium: Print

May 10th-28th 1983
Main Gallery: In the Absence of Heroes
Artist: Jayce Salloum
Medium: Photography

April 30th-May 7th 1983
Main Gallery: Young Artists
Artist: Local Kingston High School Art Classes
Medium: Various

April 9th-28th 1983
Main Gallery: Installation Images
Artist: Aida Sulcs
Medium: Installation

March 8th-April 2nd 1983
Main Gallery: Man/Woman
Artists: Robert Flack, Chrisanne Stathacos
Medium: Painting


December 8th-December 20th 1982
Main Gallery: 6th Annual Completely Open and Totally Un-juried Members Exhibition
Artists: Various
Medium: Various

October 4th-8th 1982
Main Gallery: An Whitlock
Artist: An Whitlock
Medium: Installation

September 6th-October 1st 1982
Main Gallery: John Kamevaar
Artist: John Kamevaar

August 16th-September 3rd 1982
Main Gallery: Pamela Williams
Artist: Pamela Williams
Medium: Photography

March 1st – 5th 1982
Main Gallery: Come Dressed for a Walk
Artist: Austin Lowe
Medium: Multi-Media Installation

February 8th-26th 1982
Main Gallery: New Leaves
Artists: Alana Kapell, Beth MacPhail
Medium: Mixed-Media


May 6th-30th 1981
Main Gallery: Mary & Lloyd Peppard
Artists: Mary & Lloyd Peppard
Medium: Mixed-media environment
Description: A multirmedia exhibit

April 8th-May 2nd 1981
Main Gallery: Recent Works
Artist: Joyce Wieland

March 18th-April 4th 1981
Main Gallery: Alpha Group
Medium: Sculptural installation

February 25th-March 14th 1981
Main Gallery: Artventure Tour 81
Artists: Various
Medium: Various
Description: Selected works by students from Ontario university and college art programs will premier in Kingston.

February 4th-21st 1981
Main Gallery: 4th Spectacular KAAI Members Show
Artists: Various
Medium: Various

January 7th-31st 1981
Main Gallery: Irene Xanthos
Artist: Irene Xanthos
Medium: Paper sculpture


November 26th-December 20th 1980
Main Gallery: Disintegration
Artist: Eldon McClenneghan

November 17th-24th 1980
Main Gallery: Prison Arts Exhibit
Artists: Various
Medium: Various
Description: 75 works by inmates from Canadian prisons.

October 15th-November 15th 1980
Main Gallery: “CBC FLQ”
Artist: Dennis Tourbin
Medium: Installation

September 10th-October 11th 1980
Main Gallery: Kleenex Paper Sculpture
Artist: May Chan
Medium: Paper sculpture with text

August: Gallery Closed

June 18th-July 26th 1980
Main Gallery: Cats
Artist: Michael Banger
Description: An exhibition of material relating to Cats and to machines; and a studio environment in which the experiments with the Cats will be carried out for the duration of the show.

May 16th-June 14th 1980
Main Gallery: Galactic Treasures
Artist: Richard Buff
Medium: Multi-Media environment

April 19th-May 11th 1980
Main Gallery: Certain Aspects of the Underground
Artist: Michael Czerewko
Medium: Installations and Photo Documentation

March 5th-April 5th 1980
Main Gallery: The Kingston Sliding Art Show
Artists: Tobey Anderson, Michael Banger, Richard Berry, Allan Bryans, Hamish Buchanan, Richard Buff, Brian Donnelly, Dave Gordon, Katherine Hartel, Trevor Hodgson, Barbara Lounder, Paul McGlashan, Jane Northey, Chris Strybos, Aida Sulc.
Medium: Projected Stills
Description: 15 approaches to projected stills as an artistic medium, from the personal, through to the common; esoteric, trivial, fanciful, pointed or random.

February 6th-March 2nd 1980
Main Gallery: Recent Watercolours and Paintings
Artist: Dave Gordon
Medium: Painting

January 9th-February 3rd 1980
Main Gallery: The Baghdad International Poster Exhibition
Artist: Jamelie Hassan
Medium: Photographs and watercolours

Performance History

February 1 1980
A Performance by Paul Wong and company

February 8-9 1980
The History of Rubber
Description: A performance by Richard Buff.

March 27 1980
Roland Millar

April 19 1980
The Business Visitation
John Greyson presenting an intrigue of sound, sight and meaning.

October 15 1980
Dennis Tourbin

October 24-25, 28, 31 1980
Ear it Live
Music Festival

November 18 1980
Toward the Future
Anna Banana & Bill Gaglione

March 23 1981
Cameron & Millar

June 17 1981
Performance by Chris MacGee

Thursdays throughout March , April and May 1981
Poetry Series
Organizer: Victor Coleman
Description: Six poetry and prose readings at the KAAI to be held on Thursday evenings throughout March, April and May. Organized by Victor Coleman with the financial assistance of the Canada Council’ s “Public Readings by Canadian Writers” programme. The first reading was by poet Christopher Dewdney (featured in the recent film, “Poetry in Motion” by Ron Mann).

February 8-9 1981
With Love, John Lennon and Gertrude Stein’s Gertrude Stein
Performances by Nancy Cole
Description: Created with Stewart Vaughan, actress Cole stars in her own show drawn entirely from the words of John Lennon – poetry, stories, lyrics, interviews. Ten years in the making it is serious, hilarious, lyrical, inventive with words, topical…

March 11 1981
Standing Up
Performer: Sheila Gostick
Description: An assertive female stand-up comic from Toronto will be performing “Standing Up” at the KAAI.

June 17 1981
Allan Fox – Performance and Video
Description: The KAAI presents Toronto artist Allan Fox. In his performance, Market Test, he appears as a representative of the Funikoshi Group, a fictional Television Production Corporation. The videotape, Collected Short Works, is shown to warm up the audience and show some of the Funikoshi Group’s previous production. After that tape, Fox introduces He + She = TV, explaining that it’s a pilot for a television series.

June 25 1981
The Quinlan Sisters- An A Cappella Adventure
Description: The KAAI presents The Quinlan Sisters, featuring the entirely original lyrics and music of Peter McGehee as performed by McGegee, Fiji Champagne and Peaches O’Cod, all of Saskatoon.
“They sing like a punk barbershop quartet minus one, like the Andrew Sisters minus good taste, like the Osmonds minus Mom, Dad, and God.” – Larry Kate, The Sheaf

August 10 & August 15 1982
Artists Videotapes – A Selection from Art Metropole
Curator: Christina Ritchie
Description: The works in the series are selected from an international file and reflect the diversity of styles, techniques, themes and topics that characterize current video work. A catalogue provides descriptions of each of the tapes as well as condensed biographies of each of the artists. The program curator, Christina Ritchie, introduces the general concerns of recent video work in relation to the exhibition.
The program reads as follows:
Sat. Aug. 10, 8 p.m.:
Tom Dean – The Floating Staircase – 23 min.
Ian Murray – Come on, Touch it – 34 min.
Antonio Muntadas – Media Ecology Ads. – 11 min.
Marcel Odenbach – 1000 Murders – 39 min.

Thurs. Aug. 15 1982
@ the Terrapin Tavern:
General Idea – Test Tube – 28 min.
Dara Birnbaum – Damnation of Faust – 10 min.
Eric Metcalf/Hank Bull – Sax Island – 12 min.
Bill Viola – Anthem – 11 min.

August 1981
Michael Banger – Artist in Residence
Collaborated with more than a dozen local artists to produce 8 video works

September 25-October 1 1981
The Quinlan Sisters
Description: This very talented a cappella trio will be in residence at the KAAI from September 25 till October 1. They will perform on September 25th, and will be conducting workshops in writing as well as singing.

October 2 1981
The Match-box Purveyors
Description: Ian Hinchliffe performing, Lol Caxill playing. This unique pair have been touring through the last year in European theatres, galleries and colleges, receiving rave reviews.

November 12 1981
On the Wall and Over the Hill
Artist: Jeff Childs
Description: At the opening of his installation, “On the Wall and Over the Hill”, Jeff Childs presents a piano concert live from the Vaults Restaurant (through the magic of electronics).

December 30 1981
Description: A performance based on the book by Phyllis Chesler, Women and Madness, will be performed at the KAAI by Barbara Lounder, Marussia Bociera, Heather Allen (all of NSCAD). This thought-provoking piece incorporates reading and slide imagery.

November 4 1982
Why Banana?
Artist: Anna Banana
Description: Written and performed by Anna Banana, “Why Banana?” comes out of ten years of creative work to which Anna has signed her name. Bothered by the ‘apparent’ absurdity of such a name, people continue to ask “Why Banana?”, without ever reflecting on the absurdities of their own lives or the world around them. “Why Banana?” portrays a number of “normal/acceptable” life styles to raise the question of what, exactly, is absurd.

January 14 1983
Crucial Vibes
Artist: Chris Strybos
Description: Black artists in Canada; their experiences and views on life in this country. The story is told utilizing slides, live music and pre-recorded video. The undercurrent is a steady heart throb of lively Reggae Rockers. Original lyrics chanted by Ras Lee complement of the visual information provided by Chris Tribal.

April 2 1983
Fools Day
Description: a day of fun and entertainment for children of all ages. Featuring a play adapted and performed by Val Leavitt & friends, music by the Fool’s Band, clown turns by Jane Leavitt, story telling by Russ Waller, a puppet show by Kids on the Block.

April 9 1983
Birthday Party…A Night at the Circus
Artist: Aida Sulcs & Friends
Description: A visual performance event by Aida Sulcs & Friends. There is a story in it and there are pictures. Bodies & sounds make the visual arrangements, much like the formal elements within canvas boundaries. The story is about the Great Silent Scream; the Infinite Cycle of Interdependence; and Paradox in apparent static & dynamic energies. Always something changes from one thing to another; Flesh & Bones, and Paintings.

May 13 1983
Crime: A Radio Romance for the Silver Screen
Producer: Richard Nigro
Description: Performed as a shadow play, with elements of live and pre-recorded performance and is presented within a specially constructed installation. The live performance is presented by two actors: Charles Toto and Ruth Lyons. A pre-recorded segment features period music and re-constructed period music.

May 28 1983
Paris, La Nuit
Artist: Dennis Tourbin
Description: A multi-media work involving paintings, slides, Super 8 film, video, audio and performance by Dennis Tourbin of Peterborough. This is Tourbin’s most recent work, created while he was living in Paris during 1982. Tourbin is a poet/painter interested in the exploration of the area between painting and literature. He paints words on canvases in bright, vivid colours. The painted words become visual poems. The ‘painted play’ has become for him a way of expressing the complex nature of language and creative expression in a way that is both entertaining and visually stimulating.

June 1 1983
Artist: Jeremy Welsh
Description: A screening of recent video works by Jeremy Welsh of London Video Arts, London. Welsh is in Canada to establish contact with
Canadian centres and artists working with video. An exchange of video work by British and Canadian artists is to be toured in late 1983 (tentatively).

September 9 1983
Beyond Happiness
Description: A two-act musical comedy performed by one actor, Peter McGehee. It chronicles the intimate memoirs of Billy Lee Belle and is composed of 11 episodes.: “What is Happiness?”, “A Poodle in the Pool”, “Just Another Waitress”, etc. McGehee has performed at the KAAI in the past as Marie Quinlan of the ‘a capella’ trio The Quinlan Sisters.

September 17 1983
Artist: Local film director Blaine Allen
Description: Premiere of Allen’s new film “Yukon Postcards”.

October 29-November 3 1983
Production Residency
Artist: Dennis Tourbin
Description: Tourbin of Peterborough will be a visiting artist at the KAAI from Oct. 29-Nov. 3. During his residency he will be producing four short video tapes on Cubism, Abstract Expressionism, New Realism and Post-Modernism. He will also be presenting four evenings of performance:
Oct. 29: an illustrated talk on Visual Poetry
Oct. 31: a screening of Tourbin’s videos
Nov. 1: a multi-media reading/performance
Nov. 1: a reading/slide-show/performance on “FLQ/CBC” to commemorate the 13th anniversary of the October crisis

November 22 1983
“With Love, John Lennon”
Artist: Nancy Cole
Description: Cole of Paris, France makes a return engagement to the KAAI for a one-person performance of “With Love, John Lennon”. Created with Stewart Vaughan, actress Cole stars in a show drawn entirely from the words of John Lennon – poetry, stories, lyrics, interviews.

February 12 1984
Poetry Reading
Description: Readings by two Toronto poets, Steven Smith (a member of the “Owen Sound” sound-poetry group) and Jim Smith (author of “Structured Surfaces” and “Virus”)

February 21-25 1984
Production Residency
Artists: Guy Allen and Arnie Achtman
Description: As well as conducting workshops in performance, Toronto performance artists Allen and Achtman will provide two evenings of their work together.
“Working from Achtman’s autobiographical texts they weave a collage of images, colour slides, music and sound effects that form an environment, a world we can enter.” – NOW Magazine, Sept, 1982.

March 3 1984
Other Worlds
Artists: Michael Bussiere & Joan Woodward
Description: A multi-media performance comprised of three movements: “Voices of a Cave”, an audio-video artwork; “Music of the Global Village”, featuring electronic music, sound collage, slide projections and video; “A Rose in the High Garden”, an electronic reading of Garica Lorca’s “A Didactic Ode to Salvador Dali”.

March 6-8 1984
Visiting Artist William Teder
Description: Teder has screened his work throughout the States, Canada and Europe. He often works directly on film with drawing and painting materials and will conduct a workshop (free) in the gallery.

March 21 1984
A concert by Randy Raine-Reusch
Description: Raine-Reusch is an instrumentalist-composer-performer, featuring the dulcimer, khaen (a reed instrument from Thailand) and other ethnic instruments. He has been composing his own music and performing for over twelve years as well as collecting over 80 instruments. His concert may include traditional ethnic pieces, a bit of jazz and improvisational original compositions.

March 28-30 1984
Visiting Artist Judith Doyle
Description: Doyle has worked in areas of performance, writing, Super 8 and video. Her recent interest has been the political and social situation in Nicaragua and will be returning from a two-month stay there. Some rough video pieces from this visit as well as some earlier completed works will be screened.

NB: Both Teder and Doyle are visiting as part of the “Artists With Their Work” Program of the Art Gallery of Ontario.

May 31 1984
A concert of jazz compositions for tenor sax John Tank
Description: “ In the past, jazz performers have always used scales, chords, chord sequences, melodic patterns and other devices in order to develop a vocabulary for the purpose of improvising on a given theme, chord structure or any suitable form. A jazz solo is a group of these fragments pieced together to form a whole. It is possible though, to reverse that concept by using the motif in a variety of ways and create a complete solo from it. It is also possible to link several motifs together to form movements, as in a suite.” – John Tank, 1984.

June 22 1984
Music From a New Voice (Computer-Generated Music)
Description: A concert of live music as composed and performed on state-of-the-art computer synthesis equipment by Kingston musician Daniel Scheidt. The programme, “Music from a New Voice” may include his newest work as commissioned by the Ontario Arts Council.

June 30 1984
In a Drunken Stupor
Artist: Clive Robertson
Description: An audio performance commenting on the social relationships between public (war) and private (domestic) violence. Consists of a solo male performer, Clive Robertson of Toronto, who activates a simple installation with compelling body language.

July 21 1984
Description: A performance by several women will be presented as a fundraising event for the Women’s Art Festival.

August 31 1984
The Floating Cinema
Artist: Jon Rubin
Description: A unique event sponsored by the KAAI - Jon Rubin of the “Floating Cinema” from New York City creates films that are to be viewed on the waterfront. He has been performing for three years in cities with harbours. His most recent film is based on the Alice in Wonderland story - Alice goes underwater, not underground!

October 2-3 1984
Goethe Film Screenings
Description: A retrospective of German experimental films which takes us from the twenties, the age of the artist, to the much less unified early sixties and finally to the late sixties, the era that moved between pop and the underground. Included are films by such great names as: Lazlo Moholy-Nagy, Hans Richter, George Moorse, Edgar Reitz, Jean-Marie Straub, Werner Nekes, Wim Wenders et al.

October 26 1984
Description: KAAI features the experimental music/dance troupe from Quebec, “Transmythe”, with an exciting evening of tale tellin’ in French, Spanish and English, using made and found instruments influenced by South American & Asian native peoples.

November 17 1984
Californian Experimental Jazz
Description: Eric Stach on sax and Dennis Brown on drums.

December 9 1984
Concert featuring Kirk Elliot
Description: Featuring former member of “Short Turn” and present Toronto musician Kirk Elliot on electric violin and exquisitely taped sound. Don’t miss his “Exotic Interludes”.

September 13 1986
Visiting Artist: Carl Loeffler
Description: Carl Loeffler, internationally known Video and Communications expert, and founding Director of ART COM, San Francisco will visit KAAI. His schedule is as follows:
1 pm: Informal discussion re: community TV and new communications Technology, Video production or your video production. B.Y.O. Tape.
8 pm: Video Screening and Talk – “I want continuous and pervasive access to creative conversations that describe the kind of world I desire, and I want you to have the same access to desire at the same time that I am having access to mine…I want to see rise of what I call AUTONOMOUS REALITY COMMUNITIES”.

September 26 1986
Dance Sound and Light
Description: A concert of three pieces combining dance, slides and acoustic and electronic music. The performers and Ricky Beaulieu (dance), Bill Roff (slides) and John Kamevaar.

November 12 1986
Made in Scotland
Description: “Made in Scotland” is a compilation videotape comprising of eight pieces produced by ten independent video artists currently working in Scotland. Ian Haddow, one of the artists involved, and coordinator of the project recently made an extensive tour of North America. The independent work for “Made in Scotland” has been selected with a view to delivering a package which best shows the wide range of high quality and innovative work now being produced and to clearly represent Scotland as a new and rising force in the area of independent video.

November 20 1986
In Hitler’s Window
Artist: Dennis Tourbin
Decription: Dennis Tourbin returns to Kingston to perform a dramatic reading of his piece “In Hitler’s Window”. Dennis has recently returned from a brief trip to Europe so we expect many stories. Merriment to follow.

December 4 1986
Visiting Artist – Simon Harwood
Description: Painter Simon Harwood will present a slide show and talk about his work. “Painting contains, on one hand, the urge to play in the mud and, on the other, to build finely wrought structures”.

February 11, 19, 27 1987
Artists with Their Work: Nora Hutchinson, Midi Onodera, Richard Kerr
February 11: Nora Hutchinson – Video Screening and Discussion
February 19: Midi Onodera – Discussion of production funding with local producers and evening screening
February 27: Richard Kerr – Discussion and screening with local producers and evening screening

February 21 1987
Jerry Berg Presents “Richard Harry, My Machine’s a Rock and Roll Cynic”
Description: Jerry Berg is a Toronto-based composer and performer (trumpet, flugelhorn, drum machine, computer synthesis, voice). Author and front man for jazz-fusion ensemble “Malcolm Tent”, Mr. Berg has appeared at the 1984 Toronto International Festival, the 1985 Audio by Artists festival (Halifax), and at various Canadian artist run galleries.

March 14 1987
Concert- David Prentice
Performers: David Prentice (violin) with David Lee (bass) and Arthur Bull (guitar)
Description: David Prentice has developed his classical violin training into a unique musical vocabulary, and in the process has become “…one of the finest improvising musicians anywhere.” (Alex Varty, Vancouver Free Press)

April 10 1987
Don Druick and Bill Smith
Description: Don and Bill will present a series of flute and saxophone/clarinet duets with an adaptation of the Ted Hughes piece “Promethius on his Crag”.

May 8 1987
Or Live or Die
Performer: Stephen Gee

June 26 1987
at the Kingston Public Library, Wilson Room
Eric Stach/Doug Innis
Description: Eric Stach – alto and soprano saxophone. He has been an active member of the avant garde jazz scene since the early 1970’s.

July 25 1987
Pam Patterson performing Emily Speaks
John Oughton reading Mata Hari’s Lost Words

September 10-12 1987
Elizabeth Vander Zaag
Description: The KAAI will be hosting Vancouver based video artist Elizabeth Vander Zaag for three days. She will present a screening of her work (which utilizes the latest developments in video screening technology) on Thurs. Sept. 10. On Fri. Sept 11, Elizabeth will be present a lecture about her work and will talk about the potential of the new equipment available to video artists. On Sat. Sept. 12, Elizabeth will conduct an intensive hands-on workshop. Lighting, editing, script-development and post-production will be discussed as well as using a two camera/genlock set up.

October 18, 19 1987
Video Art in the Federal Republic of Germany (courtesy of the Goethe Institute)
Description: Over the course of two evenings, we will present 23 short experimental videos by 19 artists from the Federal Republic of Germany. This video survey was coordinated by Manfred Bonner and spans 10 years of artistic production by many renowned artists. These screenings promise to be an exciting representation of the latest in video art from overseas!

October 28 1987
Poetry Reading – Susan Musgrave
Description: Susan Musgrave will read from her latest works. A “west-coast” poet, Musgrave was raised in Victoria B.C., has lived in the U.K. and the Queen Charlotte Islands and now resides near Sidney… “moving constantly between dreams and reality…Musgrave’s poetry deals with the shadowy forces that can so easily destroy them- the possibilities inherent in human relationships”. “We have a prophetess in our midst…” – Globe and Mail
“an apocalyptic and haunting vision…” – Toronto Star

November 20 1987
Nobby Kubota – Experimental Music Performance
Description: Nobby has been the subject of an extensive National Film Board documentary and plays regularly with the group CCMC at the Music Gallery in Toronto. This performance will combine computer and synthesized sounds with real-time acoustic sounds. This show will be at the Baby Grand Theatre where the acoustics are more conducive to serious listening.

December 11 1987
Fabulous Sirs at the Baby Grand Theatre
Description: Peter McGehee and Fiji Champagne (formerly of the Quinlan Sisters) have teamed up for another dynamic a cappella musical revue. They have performed on six National Tours of Canada as well as on Morningside. The peculiar array of subjects addressed by the Sirs’ includes sex, love, Godzilla, bebop, dead bodies, white bread, evangelism, S&M, and the Pope. Their musical range swings from ballads, scat, blues, C&W and heart wrenching love songs.

February 9 1988
Manzana Por Manzana: Defending Reconstruction in Nicaragua
Video by John Greyson
Description: A video about land reform and reconstruction in northern Nicaragua. Farmers and organizers explain farm-co/ops and their revolution in their own words to North Americans.

September 30 1988
at the Baby Grand Theatre
Luddites (featuring Murray Favro, bill bissett, Gerry Collins and Peter Denny)
Description: This exciting alternative music band features Murray Favro on guitar, bill bessett on vocals, Gerry Collins on guitar, and Peter Denny on xylophone and vibraphone. Murray Favro is a well-known Canadian visual artist whose work has been shown at the National Gallery of Canada and the Art Gallery of Ontario. Favro was a member of the Nihilist Spasm Band, which also featured another well-known London artist, Greg Curnoe. bill bissett is a popular among literary circles for his unusual phonetic style and energetic readings. A writer in residence at the University of Western Ontario, bissett is an expert in the area of sound poetry. Guitarist Gerry Collins is also an active composer, and recording artist. Peter Denny is known as a jazz musician having performed the vibraphone and bass saxophone in groups led by Eric Stach. He also designs and builds mallet instruments.

October 21 1988
No Tokens
Description: No Tokens is a cabaret-style evening of performance art by Ottawa-based women artists. This freewheeling evening of various performance styles provides an overview of the work being done by Ottawa women artists. No Tokens also deals with a number of different social and aesthetic concerns. Six artists perform a total of four pieces. They include: “MassUrbation and the Human Spirit”, Kareen Jackson and Linda Luneau’s moving reaction to the sense of alienation and disconnectedness we face in a technological society; Frances Leeming’s “Finding Faults in the Firmament”, a series of staged disasters that serve as a metaphor for the collapse of the male-dominated, “civilized” status quo; “When Chicken’s Dream”, a light-hearted stream-of-consciousness story about cooking a chicken by Sandy McFadden, and “The Last Poem for You”, in which poet Luba Szkamara and Mary Howett examine the classic stereotypes of “woman” as she searches for a new sense of self. Poignant, thought-provoking, often funny and sometimes disturbing, this dynamic evening is a must-see event.

November 18 1988
History of Performance Art in Canada: 1970-1987 – a lecture by Clive Robertson
Description: Through slides and video clips, Clive Robertson will be exploring the development of performance art in Canada. A performance artist, video artist and presently Artistic Director of SAW Gallery in Ottawa, Clive is one of the foremost authorities on performance and video art.

December 16 1988
May Chan
Description: Kingston artist May Chan presents two performance pieces at the KAAI Gallery. Titled “The Diary of a Woman Artist” and “He Throws Me the American Football”, May Chan explores the incidents of her daily life, trying to explore the hardship and ecstasy of being a woman artist, working in her own home. An immigrant form Hong Kong, May Chan offers her own life as a case study and intentional cultural comparisons are made.

January 3-14 1989
Werner Herterich: Performance Art Residency
Description: Perfomance One: Jan. 7; Performance Two: Jan.14. Renowned performance artist, Werner Herterich, will be in Kingston in order to participate in a project which will result in the production of a work of performance art. Werner is a Canadian who is presently a professor at the Chicago Institute of Arts, teaching this subject. He will also be making use of John Atkinson’s installation to develop and write a performance piece based on different local Kingston concerns. What these are will be decided by Herterich and the artists who wish to work with him when he arrives in Kingston.

March 10 1989
Hester Reeve and Vanessa Jones
Description: Two British artists will be presenting individual performance works at the Baby Grand: “Knead Man” by Hester Reeve; and “Possibly” by Vanessa Jones.

March 31 1989
Couch/Chair by Catherine Carmichael
Description: Titled “Couch/Chair”, the piece explores everyday experiences and seemingly insignificant tasks and activities. These tasks and activities also serve to question where a person’s mind wanders in the course of these routine actions. “Couch/Chair” examines the parallel and sometimes converging lives of the mind and body.

April 27 1989
Poetry Reading – Bruce Whiteman
Description: Bruce Whiteman is a Montreal writer who has published extensively as a poet and literary critic.

There are no events scheduled for May due to staff changes.

June 8 1989
Poetry Reading: bill bissett
Description: One of the most talented and celebrated poets in Canada, bill bissett will be at the KAAI Gallery to give a poetry reading. bill bissett is the lead singer/poet of the Luddites which is a new music group from London, Ontario.

September 28 1989
Poetry Reading: Anne Szumigalski

October 15 1989
Bruit TTV: A Musical Performance
Description: Formed in 1983, Bruit TTV is an experimental music group going to the sources of organized sounds as Russolo, Cage, Duchamp, Kagel…
Associated with OBSCURE, the Bruitt TTV’s artists come from various disciplines: architecture, audio and visual arts, performance, sound poetry. Neither of them is a conventional musician though they claim they are professional amateur, free to create all forms of their own being.

November 21 1989
Poetry Reading at Novel Idea – Pier Giorgio Di Cicco
Description: Pier Giorgio di Cicco is a published poet with thirteen books to his credit. Born in Arrezzo, Italy and raised in Toronto, Montreal and Baltimore, Maryland, he now lives in Toronto. According to those who have seen him perform, his readings are events which are highlighted by his rich voice and dramatic delivery. His poetry is imaginative, lyrical and rich in associative imagery.

November 23 1989
Visual Music (at the Baby Grand)
Description: Visual Music are Kristi Allik and Robert Mulder. This Kingston based pair, a visual artist and a musician-composer, will present a live multi-media performance which utilizes digital electro-acoustic music and computer controlled slide projections.