Parallel World Opening Reception

Image: Michael Davidge as Jack Benny, introducing Boja Vasic and Vessna Perunovich.

Thank you to all who came out on Saturday to the gallery's latest opening reception.

If you missed the event, please make sure to check out photos from the Parallel World/All We Leave Behind reception

Art's Birthday

Everyone here at Modern Fuel encourages our members and the general Kingston population to take a moment on January 17th 2008 to celebrate Art's Birthday . For those of you who are asking, "who is Art", or "what is this supposed to mean?," please read on.....


"Art's Birthday" is an annual event first proposed in 1963 by French artist Robert Filliou.

Great Opening Reception

Thanks to everyone who attended our last opening reception. What a success! Congratulations to the artists: Ben Darrah,
Shelly Bahl, and Dave Gordon. Their shows run until the 21st of July so don't miss out.