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Annual Juried Exhibition: Tenderness

Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre invites members to submit works to this year’s Annual Juried Exhibition group show responding to the theme: Tenderness. Submissions will close May 1, 2023 at 11:59PM.


Running in tandem with Syphon 8.0, the theme Tenderness responds to various dialogues including radical softness, pain, vulnerability, and care. Modern Fuel selected this topic due to its wide scope of interpretation and due to our collective desire to reignite and refuel intimate creative processes both inside and outside of our own organization. As the world recovers from isolation, a cause of trauma and further systemic oppression for many in and of itself, it is vital to establish communities that materialize and integrate radical care practices into the everyday. Tenderness in this sense means intimacy and empathy; it means recognizing and acting on the fact that our lives are necessarily interdependent; it means emphasizing and learning from the often-invisibilized radical care acts performed by oppressed folks; and it means so much more than this. 


We welcome submissions in a wide variety of mediums, including but not limited to video, sound, painting, photography, sculpture, written texts, zines, prints, and performances. Essentially, if it can be presented in a gallery setting, it can be submitted for consideration by the jury. This year, artists can submit up to three distinct works for consideration. Works that are inherently meant to be presented together, such as a series, will be considered as one work. 


The exhibition will run in the State of Flux Gallery and Window Gallery from June 10 to July 22, 2023. Selected works must arrive in the gallery, ready for display, no later than Friday, June 2nd. Keep this date in mind if you’re creating new works! 

To discuss the theme or if you have any questions about the submission requirements, please send us an email at well in advance of the deadline. If you need to submit in an alternate format or require other accommodations, please let us know and we will be happy to help.


The jury will consist of Modern Fuel members, staff, and practising artists from the Board of Directors. Artists that are selected to participate in the show must present the works that they submitted to the jury. The selected artists will be paid artist-fees according to the CARFAC fee schedule for their participation in the exhibition.


Please note: The Annual Juried Exhibition is open to Modern Fuel members only. To renew your membership or become a member, visit

Submission Requirements (*Please note the texts you submit here will be used in the booklet so please share them as you would like them to be seen):


1. Artist Statement and Bio (250 words max)

Writing tips: Who are you as an artist? What inspires you? What drives you and your work? What are some key highlights of your artistic career?


2. Description of the work(s) (250 words max)

Writing tip: What is this work about? What message / idea / emotion are you trying to convey? Include mediums, dimensions, run time, and other formal elements. Most importantly, make sure to address how your work responds to this year’s theme. 


3. Supporting documentation

Images / videos of the proposed works. If the new work is in progress, you can submit sketches / plans / diagrams as well as images of previous works that will help inform the jury about what your final work will look like. You may also include a document listing your images with a short description about each one to help the jury understand what they are looking at.


4. Any technical requirements

Tell us what you need to properly exhibit your work. Ex: plinths, projectors, speakers, TV’s, etc. Artists are responsible for providing their needed exhibition equipment that exceeds what Modern Fuel has. For example, we have two TV’s. If you need a third, you must provide it yourself. If you have questions about what is available in terms of technology and what is possible to achieve in the gallery, please get in touch with us.


5. Links to website / online portfolio / social media handles if applicable

This is not a requirement to submit to the juried show. However, online content can be helpful to give the jury a better idea of your overall artistic practice. If you are including a social media handle, please make sure that the page features your art first and foremost (as undoubtedly cute as your pets are, that’s not what we’re looking for here).


Please compile your answers to the questions above into a single PDF document and upload with the button below. Feel free to keep this page open while you enter in your answers!

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