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C.A.K.E Club 45th Anniversary Campaign

Contemporary Art of Kingston Engagement Club

For 45 years, Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre has played a vital role in the invigoration of Kingston's arts scene by creating paid, professional opportunities for emerging artists and delivering vibrant cultural resources and programs to our community, free of charge. In celebration of our 45th anniversary, we are inviting you to join us in our mission! For less than $5 a month, you can become part of a community who believes in the power of art to transform the world around us. The C.A.K.E Club makes an impact in the lives of emerging artists every month - all year long.


Help us reach our goal of growing the C.A.K.E Club to 45 patrons!

“I think without this artist-run centre I would not have had as much exposure in Kingston and I wouldn’t have known where to begin with reaching out and networking and collaborating […] I am grateful for Modern Fuel and the programs, workshops and all of the other incredible opportunities within it’s realm.”

- Grace Katie Dixon, visual artist and creative writer

By joining the C.A.K.E Club you can support the careers of artists like Grace, Christopher and maría. To learn more about the impact of your donation, visit our donation page.

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