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Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre is currently accepting topic proposals for Syphon 7.0: Futurisms. The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally shifted our understanding of the world, leaving many people uncertain in the face of what the future will hold. Intentionally open to interpretation, the topic of Futurisms was chosen for this iteration of Syphon as we stand at the crossroads of the unknown and the present in which issues faced by diverse communities have been thrown into sharp focus. How can we create a future that is built for and defined by the populations it aims to support?


Modern Fuel and Syphon turn to those who practice futurity through art to contemplate the unfolding future, taking into account the lived experience of those historically disadvantaged. Traditions of Indigenous futurisms, Afrofuturisms and queer futurity encompass art, literature, comics, games, and other forms of media, expressed through various aesthetic, philosophic, historical, and scientific renderings that explore the human, nonhuman, and posthuman condition. Futurism is not about speculating a fantastic world to come unrooted from the historical lived experience of those dwelling on the earth today; rather, it is fundamentally informed by the embodiment of history by marginalized individuals, which necessarily shapes the imaginative figurings of a future meant to inform the present.


We are accepting topic proposals for poetry, essays, creative writing, exhibition reviews, curatorial interviews with artists, as well as visual and written works including audio and video submissions*. Proposals should be a maximum of 250 words in length, with up to 3 supporting images in an easily read format (ex. .jpeg). You are also encouraged to link your social media or website, if applicable. Please include a biography and/or artist statement detailing your practice in accompaniment to your proposal. Combining files into one PDF is encouraged, but not mandatory. Submit topic proposals to with the email header “Syphon 7.0 Topic Proposal”. In the email body, please include the following information:

  • Chosen Name

  • Artist name (if different than your chosen name)

  • Pronouns

  • Location

Please ensure that all documents are properly attached before submission. Proposals will be reviewed and selected contributors will be notified by May 12th, 2022. 


Accessibility: Please advise us of any accommodations needed to ensure you can complete the submissions process. 


Modern Fuel ARC will assemble a selection committee of staff, board, and community members. Proposals will be evaluated based on their applicability to the theme, artistic and/or professional merit, and that demonstrate depth of knowledge and development of the intended work. Works deemed harmful or discriminatory according to our safer space and anti-discrimination policies will not be accepted. Visit to access these policies and Modern Fuel’s mandate.


For the selected works, Modern Fuel will pay $0.50/word for a maximum of 1000 words for written works (any words exceeding the 1000 word limit will not be paid for). Written works are expected to be 500-1000 words in length, original, and fully finished. Visual works will be paid a flat fee of $50 per image** to the artist that owns the images- if your work is photographed by professional photographers, please indicate whether you or the photographer own the rights to the image. Selected works will be published in Syphon 7.0 Futurisms in both hardcopy and digital format on the Modern Fuel ARC website.


*For audio and video submissions, an artist statement with a QR code linking to the piece will be printed in the hardcopy version of the publication, and the full piece will be included in the digital version published on the Modern Fuel website.


**Fees for visual works are negotiable.


Syphon is an arts and culture publication produced by Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre that is meant to act as a conduit between the arts community in Kingston and communities elsewhere. It was created in response to the lack of critical arts commentary and coverage in local publications, and seen as a way to increase exposure to experimental and non-commercial art practices.

Syphon has a mandate to feature local arts coverage in conjunction with national and international projects, and an emphasis on arts scenes and activities that are seen as peripheral. It acts, in essence, as a record and communiqué for small regional arts communities throughout the country.


Visit for more information and past issues.

We gratefully acknowledge the generous funding support from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, the Kingston Arts Council, the Ontario Trillium Foundation and our many local sponsors, donors and members.

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