Modern Fuel Community Survey Questions

Hello! We know that COVID has been challenging for artists and arts workers, and we want to maintain an open dialogue with our members and community to ensure that we are able to support you and help meet arising needs. This survey should take no more than 20 minutes of your time to complete and all answers are confidential. We greatly appreciate your time and feedback. Thank you.

1. Which age range do you fall in:
2. Where are you located?
3. Do you consider yourself to be (select all that apply):
4. Based on your answer above, what stage of your career would you consider yourself to be at:
5. Are you currently a member of Modern Fuel:
6. How long have you been a member with Modern Fuel? (Please answer based on when you first became a member, regardless of whether your membership has lapsed for certain periods)
8. In the past two years, which Modern Fuel events and programs have you attended / participated in? (select all that apply)
9. What are your preferred Modern Fuel events and programs? (Select all that apply)
10. Have you explored any of the equipment in our New Media Workspace?
11. Did you know that we rent our New Media equipment out for our members to use?
12. Do you know about the Nan Yeomans resource library that is accessible to our members?
13. What are your current artistic needs? (These do not have to be specific to Modern Fuel and our potential offerings):
16. Would you be interested in being involved with Modern Fuel through:

Thanks for submitting!